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Thursday, June 30, 2011

recently i visited Pom Pom and read about her love of drawing and seen some of her whimsical sweet work. it got me to thinking that i too love to draw and have, at various times of my life, done quite a bit of it but in my (ahem) 'later years' (mid-life later not later later mind you) i've sort of wandered further and further away from it.
i've done some sketching and a bit of zen doodling over the past year or so but only a very little bit. when i visit Jay (the Creative Crone from Studio Q) i frequently see some of her fabulous zendoodling and am once again reminded that i should get back to it. like really try harder. make some sort of commitment. or something. i've had the Blog Zentangle listed on my sidebar for quite some time and i pop over there once in a while for a peek at what they have going on but still nothing. it turns out one has to actually set aside time and materials to achieve a goal~!!~ so approximately a month ago i decided to try to zendoodle right before i turn out the light. that would be after actually tucking into bed, after the reading time and after the sudoku puzzle time but before the shutting of the eyelids bit . . . sheeeesh there's just not enough minutes in the day~! anyway, i put an inexpensive sketchbook on the nightstand along with a couple of pens that i like to use and i have actually followed through (on those nights when my eyelids cooperated with me that long). it's very relaxing. very pointless. very . . .  well, zen.

as you can see i like to zendoodle within an actual recognizable form. usually it's  done quite a lot more randomly but the control freak inside of me doesn't like to do it that way. i'll probably get kicked out of the zendoodling clan now that they know . . .

yep, i like pears. pears are beautiful, which is why every great artist has at least one (equally  great) pear work somewhere in their portfolio (right?).

look~! i didn't create any particular form for this session~! progress? maybe. i'm not making any promises. i did manage to sneak in some words . . . thought that was pretty cool and might do some more of it. i also tried using pencil for part of it. that's probably strike two and three with the zendoodle police . . . 
imagine those uniforms~!

this one is still in progress. i started with the leaf and then carried on outside of it a bit . . . not sure where this one is going but i guess that's the thing with zendoodling; you just begin. make some marks. don't worry. be happy. before you know it you find yourself all zenned out.

this is my helper, Gracie. She's all zenned out too.

next: The Sketchbook Challenge ~!!~

today's gifts have included:
  • a yogurt/banana smoothie for breakfast: homemade yogurt, frozen banana, dash of Vietnamese cinnamon and a drizzle of honey
  • some time to spend on my AAQI goals
  • a piece of watermelon cold from the refrigerator and perfectly sweet


  1. I always smile when I read your gifts, Libby Q! Your zen doodles are fabulous! I must agree with you concerning pears. I draw little ones. Isn't it fun to draw? I drew my very best horse today. He is lying on a sofa. Courtesy of Babbette Cole and her book, Princess Smartypants! Draw on!

  2. Very Nice!!! I can see another obsessed "zentangler" in the making!! And as far as I am concerned...there are NO rules in my Zentangle world!! Even though I do take part in the "Iamthediva" challenges and try to do the theme of the week, I don't get too excited about boundaries!! to me that is a lot of the fun of doing the sketching...#One rule...do your own thing!!!

  3. A multitalented woman!! My favorite is the leaf!

  4. You're post is great and a fantastic inspiration. I am thinking I need to get back to playing!!! Gracie makes a huge difference there with her cuteamous kitty paw dontcha know. Thanks for sharing your great zentangles. Totally dig your work!!! Great place to visit this morning over coffee.

  5. Love it! Could you interpret your zen doodle into a little quilt for AAQI? I see possibilities.

  6. Beautiful Zen!!! And I love Lori's idea!!! I second that emotion :)

  7. Thanks for making me smile. I used to draw when I was in elementary school, but gave it up as I grew older. I remember loving Flair pens in upper elementary and making drawings similar to what you are doing. Your drawings also remind me of paper folders we could buy at that time (early 1970's) and I drew in the white spaces with my beloved Flairs. Thanks for bringing back the memories!


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