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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texture Tuesdays

it's Texture Tuesday's over at kim klassens again. this week we were encouraged to do our own thing using at least one of her textures. i used three: warm sun, not to shabby and sweet tart.

 Not to be Forgotten

this is the original sepia image that i used; one of my own still lifes from the archives.

i've been out of town for a couple of days and much of life has gotten ahead of me so it's short and sweet today.

toady's gifts include:
  • a bright blue sky
  • hot chai tea as i wake up
  • a good nights sleep


  1. Beautiful! What is that behinds the scissors and lace? I think I'm seeing some hand painting on some sort of vessel. Glad you had a good sleep. We are having some cooler weather so I slept well last night too.

  2. Yes, good sleeps are precious, I agree! Take it easy today. You need a few days to readjust to home, you know?

  3. Oh so pretty! Great photo & texture. You've reminded me also that i need to include the original photo next time (was my 1st!). -Tammy

  4. beautiful image! love your gratitudes - have a wonderful day

  5. Excellent texture for a unique creation.

  6. That's a beautifully designed pair of scissors and the textures add a lovely vintage look to the image!

  7. Beautiful, both of the images.
    So appreciate your sharing!


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