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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Texture Tuesday

it's actually late monday for me but tomorrow promises quite a bit of work in the garden and i didn't want to take the chance of not getting a chance to post.

Kim's challenge this week was the number 3 and the use of at least one of her textures. since my favorite number is 3 i decided to do three Texture Tuesday exercises this week.

this first one used one of my shots of last summer's moss rose. i cropped it square and  used one layer of kim klassen's (free) texture "not too shabby". i kept it pretty light handed on this one.

this second one used my own shot from spring 2009 when some of the willows in the area were doing their thing. i also cropped this one but used a 5 x 7 format and once again used the "not too shabby" texture. this one is even more subtle. i don't think one would know that there was a texture there if i didn't reveal it. it did add depth to the shot though . . .

the third one is much more involved and dramatic. the original still life was taken in 2008. i added three of kim's textures: mayzee, portrait and pourvous.

today's gifts included:
  • celebrating the blessing of being an American
  • the deep cool shade on a hot day
  • the happiness of 'family' 


  1. They're all beautiful images !! The willow looks beautiful against the blue sky and your third image would look good on canvas, I can see it hanging on someone's wall...... !!

  2. Wow, Libby Q! You're getting to be a pro at photo work! What will you be busy doing today? I hope it's fun.

  3. I like them all - especially the first one. Well done!

  4. What great images! The willow is especially dramatic, but I love the colors and cropping on the first one, and the last one is a work of art....

  5. I love how different each of these images is. I'm especially drawn to the second one but love the composition and use of textures in the third one too.

  6. Beautiful images! I'm drawn to the second one - the willows. Love the simplicity.

  7. I would like to know how to do this.I have no idea.Sounds like fun and adds to your photos.Denise

  8. Once again you have inspired me to give it a try...I think we creative souls are always open to try new things, don't you? I feel so sorry for people who are not into creativity in any way!! They are missing so much! Love the new photos!!!


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