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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i've been concentrating a lot on my photoshop work (play~!) within my blog and decided this evening to  wander down a different path (or two) with you . . .

i really enjoy reading many of the Somerset magazines and was looking at a back issue the other day and was inspired to lovely up this small frosted glass container.
the glass container was actually a scented candle.  once the candle was burned down i set the jar in the freezer for a bit so that i could easily chip out the extra wax that was left in the bottom. i then washed it out completely with hot soapy water and toweled it dry.
i glued a torn strip of distressed sheet music all the way around and then added some vintage hand crocheted lace, a bit of pretty paper, a button and some text that i liked . . .
and voila: a charming little vase.

i have been continuing my experiment with paper and stitch and now have a postcard almost completed. i'm a bit unsure of how i'm going to edge or bind it but other than that this one is done.
i also have some atc's that i'm still working on.
it's been interesting and fun to see how the various papers hold up to the stitching and i like the way that it looks. very make-do but pretty too.

went for a walk around the garden this morning and discovered that my fern is starting to unfurl itself into the new spring (early summer) season. they are so pretty and delicate looking. it's always good to see that it's made it through the bitter cold of our winters.

one of the flowers that isn't too fussy about our cold mountain climate is the johnny jump ups. i've planted them thickly underneath one of the  trees and despite the fact that we have a cottontail come and regularly consume them there is still a blanket of purple. these sweet little flowers are constants once you plant them and happily self seed themselves in all sorts of unexpected nooks and crannies. it's definitely one of my favorites.
btw: we've named the rabbit nibbles and whenever i'm out in the garden i look for it. just when i think it's gone on to greener pastures out it pops to surprise me once again. i don't suppose it will be good for the vegetable garden but it's too fun to have around to care too much. i hope to get a shot of it one of these days but so far it's quite camera shy (as well as fast).

the fruit tree has been waiting for a warm day to begin popping it's buds wide open to whatever pollinators might be interested. we've had such strong winds this afternoon that i half expect to find them mostly blown off by morning . .  .

and the allium that i planted last fall are just beginning to explode with their own form of fireworks signalling a warmer season to come~!

today's gifts include:
  • waking up to sunshine and blue sky
  • the magical unfurling of fern fronds
  • my ability to hear the symphony of birdsong that fills the garden


  1. What an inspiring post, Libby Q! We have bunnies, too. I'm glad they can't reach my peony buds!

  2. I always so enjoy both your embellishment and photographic art! I agree...the johnnies make the best spring color in a mountain garden.

  3. I love your projects. The paper sewing is interesting - I went through an altered book stage and met once a week with a creative groups of ladies. We all moved around the country now! Your post card is beautiful!!
    Love the garden pics too....

  4. Awesome projects and so very inspiring! Your beautiful, new vase is so elegant - you'd never guess that it came from such humble beginnings!!! Gorgeous post! Hugs, Terri

  5. love your hex mixed piece. the music sheet is so cool.
    Your photos are always beautiful and inspiring!

  6. You have a very beautiful garden!


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