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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Texture Tuesdays

this week on TT the challenge was to use the layer (free) "golden" by kim klassen.

this is the original image i shot. we had some blackberries in the house so i used a handful of them and some mint sprigs to create a quick still life. i used a small white shell shaped dish and the contrast was so great between the blackberries and the dish that i felt the shot was harsh . . . i shot a lot of images, using a variety of settings/adjustments within camera, but just couldn't really overcome the problem. so . . . it was textures to the rescue . . .

Blackberries A La Mint

this was the result. i think it has a much softer look now. i would be interested to know: which do you like better? what suggestions do you have regarding the original problem of contrasts and harshness? do you like blackberries?

today's gifts include:
  • homemade blackberry syrup
  • the discovery of rosebuds within the garden
  • a recount on the goldfish: there are 15 rather than 14


  1. Hooray for fifteen little golden fishes! The blackberries are pretty, too! How are you, Libby Q?

  2. I love blackberries and I honestly like both images !! I like the contrast of the original ~ it can be very eyecatching, but the softer tones of the textured version are also appealing!

  3. The texture looks really great on the blackberries. I was thinking about photographing the blackberries I have in my fridge today so I will keep this in mind.

  4. delish! pass the ice cream. just lovely, and food is hard to photograph I think.

  5. I like the unfiltered one. For me, that is what they look like.
    Nice photo!!

  6. so pretty! we have just a very few blackberries turning now. They're wild, and small, but good! -Tammy

  7. Both are great images but I really like the original. It doesn't strike me as harsh at all but as crisp and lively. It's fun that we all see the same images so differently through our unique eye's and minds.
    Oh, and I already commented on Flickr, but I love blackberries! And all berries. Pretty much all fruit. I had a fabulous peach this morning, it was a unexpected treat.

  8. I like both images and don't think the contrast between the berries and the plate is too much on the first one. Blackberries are yummy, but my mind now is on the 22 lbs. of blueberries my husband and I picked Sunday morning. I've been cleaning and freezing most of them, but some found their way into a cake. I had one piece and sent the rest to work with my husband! Hmm, blueberry syrup would be good!

  9. Love the blackberries! Your picture is so good I can taste them!!! and thanks for the praise of my blog and yes, feel free to link to it on your blog..I may reciprocate on mine if it is ok with you. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

  10. I like the original, I love the contrast between the black of the berries and the white of the plate. The berries look so bright in the first picture. Did you brush any texture away from the berries in the second picture?
    Blackberries and apple for me! beautiful.

  11. Oh I'm a bit late commenting here! The original image is my favourite Libby - something to do with its 'punchiness'? Lesley x


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