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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texture Tuesdays

it's Texture Tuesday again and this week the challenge was to work with at least one of kim klassen's textures and a photo of a person or people.
i chose to work with a photo of a photo and the texture warm sun.

 Becoming a Ghost

this is a photo that i took of an antique photo that i won in a give-away from Eileen of Keeping it Rural in Wisconsin quite some time ago.
i know that normally this sort of thing is scanned into the computer but my scanner and i are not on as good of terms as my camera and i so i just took a photo of it.
anyway i find these photos fascinating. who are these people that somehow end up in an antique store and eventually are "adopted" by a buyer who finds them interesting in some way? they have faded out of family memory and into the realm of ghosts . . . who were they? what did they live through? photos attempt to tell a story but what was hers? do you have any ideas? go ahead, leave me a comment that helps build her some sort of history. what is she telling you?

today's gifts include
  • having my hands in the warm dirt planting some flowers 
  • being surprised by the discovery of a clematis vine full of beautiful mostly white flowers. this vine has struggled every year since we moved in (nearly eight~!) and i've never seen it bloom before. and not just one or two blooms but MANY.
  • seeing that the climbing rose that i planted last year really has pulled through the winter and is just now beginning it's "climb" through the summer months. no flowers (yet) but a small green branch just beginning to thicken and flourish


  1. An evocative treatment. Lovely.

  2. Ooooh, I just love the ghost effect!

  3. Hi sweet Libby Q!
    Oh, I love your garden joys!
    That picture is Lizzy the cake baker. She is a spinster and lives with her sister's family. She actually has her own little apartment over the garage and she plays the harp. Don't let that frown fool you!

  4. Very nice photo. I often wonder about the history of those "strayed" family photos as well. Her photo tells me she was a strong, but kind woman who had lived through some hard times (but then again, I guess most everyone did back in the day). Thanks for sharing her with us! I also enjoyed your gifts list :) -Tammy

  5. Thanks for visiting and leaving such kind words! As soon as I clicked onto your blog I loved what you did with your portrait. Interesting story behind your image. I find old photos fascinating. Often times the individuals are very much like ghosts as so many of the photos are unlabeled and those who would know the answers have passed. I think it is cool how you gave the image a ghostly look with your texture work. Very nice.


  6. I too find these old photos fascinating! You cant help wondering who these people were and what sort of life they had. Lovely mysterious texture work!

  7. I am fascinated by old photos...why does everyone look so sad! No smiles. I like the story of Lizzy the cake baker.

  8. Don't let the frown fool you. She will break into a smile as soon as she can move about! Sitting for a photo is so trying and just a little embarrassing.

  9. oooh, creepy and cool. reminds me of the civil war lady photos.

  10. I think it's so sad when I see people's photos in antique stores. I wonder if someday mine will be there?

    Let's see...her history..She has lots of kids and a husband that's much help around the house. She does the best she can but feels like she's fighting a losing battle. The day of the photo shoot, she has a headache and wants it to just be over.

    How's that?


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