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Monday, June 6, 2011

Texture Tuesdays

this Texture Tuesdays challenge was to use text within our image as well as at least one of kim klassens textures. i used two textures: not to shabby and stained linen.
i was pretty light handed with them and did some erasing on the textures from the parts where i wanted the flowers to really remain light and bright. so they are subtle this week. i was also careful with the text as i wanted it to just be a "whisper".


this is the original photo taken from my garden a few days ago.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

and then being the overachiever that i sometimes can be (or maybe i'm just having a really good time) i had to do another one. this one much more dramatic. this time i used only one of kim's textures: warm sun.

 Widening Towards Enlightenment

i even was inspired to write a cinquain (a five line poem) to go with it:

moon snail
radiant symmetry
an inner mystery
widening towards enlightenment
growth glows

 the black and white snail shell is one of my own photos taken from my archives. i don't think it's a very good photo as a stand alone shot but i didn't want to dump it either . . . i think it worked well here.

this is a photo that i took of a fallen rose petal several summers ago. i loved it's color and luminosity as well as the subtle details.  i hoped i might be able to use it as a texture layer someday. it was fun to work with and i'll use it again i'm sure.

today's gifts include:
  • time to work/play in photoshop
  • some joyful giving
  • a friend's shared happiness


  1. Lovely! The snail almost looks cement in the edit--like a statue at a park with an encouraging message. I love it!

  2. I love your cinquain, Libby Q! It's lovely! It makes sense that you were inspired to write a poem since you were having so much fun with your lovely images!

  3. All lovely Libby - the colour, light and texture contained within the fallen rose petal is amazing. Lesley x

  4. Your macro of the rose petal is awesome....really gorgeous in all of its muted color and detail. The texture use in the first one is so nice, and I like the words in the third. Lovely post this week.

  5. Oooo...awwww...beautiful. I love them all! Great shots and textures.

  6. That rose petal would make for a wonderful texture, I think! :)

  7. I love your photos! They turned out beautifully!! I especially love the black and white snail shell. So gorgeous <3

  8. So pretty,I have to find out what your challenge was so I'm going to visit Kims site.Your photos are lovely.Denise

  9. These images are so beautiful!! (I'm still having problems leaving comments using my google account!!)


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