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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texture Tuesday

it's Texture Tuesday and here i am right on time~!

using two of kim klassens (free~!)wonderful textures this time: Not to Shabby and Portrait

if you haven't already discovered this great site and you're interested in photography and  what you can do with your own shots you should really click on the Texture Tuesdays button on my sidebar and check it out. i've been dancing around this activity for years and finally feel like a have a wonderful community of support in which to actively learn and use these skills. i do have a lot to learn and a long way to go to get as good as many of the participants but their talent and sharing spirit is totally inspiring.

this week it's a "garden party" going on over there~it's okay to be fashionably late but do at least come and partake a little~!!~


this is my original photo which is part of a series of shots recently taken in my garden. i shared another of these shots in a recent post but felt this one was a bit "washed out" looking. i do love what the textures did for it.

today's gifts include:
  • starting a new novel and being totally drawn in (The Help)
  • seeing many different (and beautiful) birds at the feeder as they make a pit stop on their migratory paths
  • water warmed and at the ready whenever i should want or need it (that shower felt good this morning)


  1. You are so talented! I really enjoy seeing what you do!

  2. Beautiful use of textures, I love how they frame the image perfectly.

  3. Beautiful work !! I must check out Kim Klassens textures some time !!

  4. Thank you for suggesting this...I will go play with some new photos.
    Loved The Help! Enjoy.

  5. The textures you chose really worked with your shot. :)

  6. I love the idea of working more with texture...I am going to check it out...love the results you have gotten. and you will really like "The Help"...I read it a few months ago; we lived in Mississippi for several years in the mid-70's and I feel this book is from one who knows!!

  7. Hi lovely Libby Q!
    Oh, I loved The Help! I read it straight through, enjoying every word.
    I love your gift lists!

  8. I really like the original. It has lots of interest. The texture gives it a totally new look.

  9. beautiful photo work! I love the texture you achieved.
    so organic and pretty!


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