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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ march 6

there have been some great responses to my photo challenge celebration giveaway. a big THANK YOU if you have joined in.
if you haven't yet and you would like to try to win a few of my photo art note cards click here.
i will draw a winner on march 12.

my white cyclamen is blooming. it's much more fragrant than my pink one. i notice that the fragrance gets stronger the longer the bloom has been open. 

my weekly report card for the 15 minute challenge:
  • tuesday, feb. 28th: hexie sewing
  • wednesday, feb. 29th: hexie sewing
  • thursday, mar. 1st: TAST (couching) leaf onto the wonderful husbands stocking
  • friday, mar. 2nd: TAST (couching) leaf onto the wonderful husbands stocking 
  • saturday, mar. 3rd: applique on secret birthday blocks
  • sunday, mar. 4th: applique on secret birthday blocks 
  • monday, mar. 5th: sewing of secret birthday blocks ~ brainstorming the (string tulip) jubilee project 

  • this week i did manage to get time in on all seven days but on some days it really was only 15 minutes. between things being a bit busier than usual and me feeling somewhat less motivated i didn't get as much accomplished BUT it wasn't a total loss and i have  Kate at Life in Pieces to thank for that.  you might consider joining up and seeing if it helps you out as well.

    in looking back at the 15 minute challenge posts i realized that i have quite a few projects that i am juggling around. i like the variety this offers me in what to work on.
    one of the projects that is new to the list is my (string  tulips) jubilee piece.

    the jubilee project is all about making oneself a quilt in celebration of a major life milestone such as one of those upper decade birthdays that we all hope to get to at the same time that we dread having done so. many of those involved are recognizing a 50th birthday and all the memories and accomplishments that come along with that year.  i won't be 50 for a couple of years but i know myself well enough to get a head start. i really cannot justify starting another new project when i have so many that are quietly waiting for me to become re-inspired to work on them.
    so after much thought about how i could have my cake and eat it too i realized that i have some  string tulip blocks that have been calling my name for quite some time now. i thought if i used them i might be able to participate in this group celebration as well as finish a project.  good on me right~!?!

    so i'm going to start sharing some photos of the brainstorming that i've done for the past couple of weeks . . .

    i thought that i had approximately 50 of the tulips but when i counted them i actually had 70~!
    and then as i got to digging around i ended up finding  27 more~!!!
    i really liked making these string quilted tulips. i may have to make a whole jubilee series of quilts~!

    the centers of all of the tulips are cut from hand dyed oranges that i dyed myself. they range a bit in color and a few have the usual  'surprises' that can be found in hand dyed goods but for the most part they all look very similar. i think this commonality in the tulips will help hold the whole project together nicely as well as possibly reducing the 'busy' factor a bit.

    i'm also thinking that i would like to use red and/or cheddar fabrics somehow in the setting but have made no firm decisions as to just how or where. 

    so what i do have is a few sketches of some of the possibilities:
    this sketch shows one of the ways that a single tulips could be appliqued onto each block as well as a possible setting that could be used for those blocks and a possible border idea.

    this sketch shows four tulips arranged within one block as well as the blocks within a possible setting.

    and here is yet another possibility.

    i also have thought about:
    •  a strippy set
    • incorporating the tulips into a vine somehow
    • a row by row setting with the tulips 'growing' neatly together, somewhat like in the bottom portion of the last sketch
    as well as many combinations of all of the above. the possibilities are probably endless.
    i'm not sure of any sizes or measurements yet and will have to get down to seriously mapping some of that out. 
    so this is just a barely scratching the surface sort of start but it is a start and i'm beginning to get more than a little excited about this project so you're bound to see a lot more of it either here or within the jubilee blog or maybe both.

    recent gifts include:
    • a sun filled day that is melting the last of our recent snowstorm away
    • a very tasty pasta salad with a balsamic dressing
    • a wonderful husband who is willing to vacuum on occasion 


    1. Love your tulips and you have so many!! Sometimes too many options make my head swirl, then I cannot decide. I'm sure whatever you come up with be fantastic!!

    2. I was amazed at your photo.. I really envy of your photography skill :)
      Loved the tulips. I liked the second design.

    3. Congratulations on winning Kate's giveaway! I really like the strippy tulip blocks. They will be beautiful in your quilt.

    4. Such beauty in the white cyclamen photo Libby. I like your ideas for possible tulip quilts too. x

    5. Seven out of seven - good for you! I'll be interested to see how your tulip quilt comes along. Pat - 501quiltblocks

    6. Gosh Libby ... I thought tulips they were native to The Netherlands? How did you manage to grown them in the States? LOL!!

      All layouts are lovely possibilities. You may have to make some test blocks at some point, me thinks!

    7. Beautiful photography!! And WOW what a great selection of tulips....I don't know if you remember, but you sent me few of them a couple of years ago...I need to get a pic posted of what I did with them!

    8. Hooray for 7 out of 7 days. Sometimes 15 minutes is all you get, but it all adds up. Beautiful string tulip blocks. All of your proposed settings look interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up with.

    9. great week! The tulips are beautiful!

    10. Thanks for sharing your sketches! I love to see what bubbling.
      Your prepped tulips look great!

    11. I'm loving these tulips, too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts - you are right - so many possibilities. Isn't it fun to play! Those hand dyeds are beautiful!


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