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Friday, March 23, 2012

TAST week 12 ~ barred chain and alternating barred chain

the stitch for week 12 with TAST is the barred chain and alternating barred chain.
 these are stitches that i had never tried before. i found them difficult at first but then realized that it was only a matter of  relaxing my stitches slightly on the barred parts to get them to lay the way that i wanted them to.

 the first stitch photo is the barred chain stitched in dark green silk Aurifil thread (24 wt) onto my own christmas stocking.

i then added bullion stitch rosebuds to my 'bar' in a light pink Anchor perle cotton thread (12).

i then added a single fly stitch under each bud in a medium green cotton Aurifil thread (12).

i morphed the barred chain into an alternating barred chain where the seam changed direction. as you can see it was a short distance.

i also added the bullion roses to the bars on this section resulting in buds both on the upper part of the chain and the lower.

i felt like i needed to do more with the alternating barred chain and added it to a lower portion of wonderful husbands stocking.
i followed the quilting lines which resulted in a woven/plaid/trellis type of effect. this was stitched in a dark green 50%wool/50%acrylic Aurifil thread (12).

i really enjoyed this stitch once i got the hang of it which didn't take long~!!~

there are several fun and well done examples of these stitches shown within the comments section of the week 12 post.   
i found the barred chain used as a border which is a great idea. 
there is a beautiful mandala using tatting combined with these stitches (also as borders) and here is a vine type application that uses beads. 

if you think that you may be interested in learning embroidery or practicing the stitches you already know it's well worth a visit to Pin Tangle to join in with this project.
remember last week i showed this same section that i had done as a weaving/mending experiment? well this week i added a few more threads to the mix. they were just small bits that were left on needles from other work. in the lower right hand corner you can see where i added some textural 'play' . . .
i don't think it's quite finished yet . . .

recent gifts include:
  • flowers from friends 
  • tips of tulip leaves poking up from the rocks
  • new threads ~!!~


  1. What pretty additions to your stockings!
    I love daisies!

  2. All your embellishments are going to make these stockings to die for!!

  3. The daisy is so pretty! After all the snow we had this past week I think I need to purchase some flowers for the house. I need to be reminded it is spring! LOL
    Love your newest stitch. You are learning so much!!

  4. the effect of this stitch on the red faric is very nice

  5. Very cool stitches and I love your photo at the top of the post. I'm ready for all the flowers to start popping out.

  6. gorgeous Daisy photo! You should start a stationery line!
    love the chain stitch. I once did rows of chain stitch to make curtains on a baby crewel piece is did year ago. Its perfect for lettering!


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