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Friday, March 2, 2012

TAST week 9 ~ couching

are you beginning to notice the longer days?
the begonia is.
i love how the flowers bud out in the form of an umbrella, heads/buds down, until they get a bit more open . . .

the TAST stitch this week is couching.
couching is not exactly a stitch but more of a technique. it's used to hold down threads or sometimes even objects that can't be pulled through the base fabric. it can in fact be done ornamentally using other embroidery stitches or it can be done so that you cannot even see it by using fine threads and fastening them in such a way that they 'disapear' into whatever is being couched down.
technically the snowflake that i put on one of the stockings with a fly stitch was couched, this was both ornamental and virtually invisible. 
another example within my blog of couching, this time invisable, is this pear. i've outlined the pear with what i believe is a recycled sari ribbon yarn. (i recieved it as a gift but am not positive just what it's called.) this is an absolutely beautiful fiber but it is impossible to stitch it directly into any base. i love finding projects to use it in~!

in fact i've used the same fiber in today's TAST example. i've created a leaf around the 'joy' that i chain stitched onto my wonderful husbands stocking. what do you think? it is possible (probable even) that i will do further stitching on this leaf at some point . . .

two really outstanding examples of this stitch:

if you think that you may be interested in learning embroidery or practicing the stitches you already know it's well worth a visit to Pin Tangle to join in with this project.

recent gifts include:
  • finding a reason to use my gorgeous recycled sari silk ribbon yarn
  • the pleasure of a really good laugh
  • new issues of Cloth, Paper, Scissors AND Somerset Studios magazines

if you  haven't entered my giveaway yet and you would like to try to win a few of my photo art notecards click here.
i will draw a winner on march 12.


  1. Love your photographic moments Libby. Don't include me in any giveaway though, as I have already benifited. Seems like you're enjoying whatever the season has to offer. Lesley x

  2. your leaf is lovely. the thread you used is very interesting. if it is difficult to embroid, perhaps could you used crochet to do embelishment and next sew it on the fabric. The problem is that crochet work with this fiber could gave a thick thing.

  3. Thank you libby ! Your photo and embroidery are beautiful !
    chris richards


  4. The sari ribbon has beautiful color and texture. Wish I could touch it!
    While I like having the seasons change, I do look forward to the energy boost I get as the days grow longer.

  5. wonderful leaf and use of the sari threads! i have several balls of these in my kntting cabinet, though have only ever used them as doll hair on some of my art dolls. thanks for the idea of using them for couching...and for the link to that amazing couched tree! at first glance, it looked a lot like my stitched tree, but the description of the process is wildly different and highly interesting!

  6. I live the Thread you used and the beauliful leaf you created.

  7. Love your couching! I rarely do this and found it harder to be creative with it than I had thought it would be.


  8. Oh my gosh, the couching is so neat. I love the work you did with the leaf - quite joyful. ;) The links you provided were a wonderful visit and WOW amazing, eh? And oh Libby your photography just sends me… what more to say about that!?! Whenever I visit your blog its always a delight, a sheer delight. With warm friendship, *karendianne.

  9. Love that couching!! What a way to showcase the ribbon yarn!!


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