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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Celebration GiveAway~!

who's ready for a teeny tiny bit of springlike goodness in their life?
in my neighborhood there has been precious little snowfall this winter. i live at a fairly high altitude and this is not, and should not be, the norm. we actually had our first really "big" storm yesterday. all afternoon it fell in great big beautiful flakes (think Christmas card here). by the end of the day we had approximately four to six inches. this morning i woke up to a bit more. so here we are on the first day of march and our world is whiter than it's been all winter long.
so what's a sunloving girl who wants to put winter behind her to do?
she cozies up to her houseplants (indoor jungle) and shoots photos of the new growth.
and she feels a little bit better.
how about you, are you ready for spring and the warmer blessings it brings?

it's a small celebration but i'm happy with a recent accomplishment so i'm hosting this spontaneous giveaway.
this is due to my setting a small photography goal for myself and then making it happen. in early february you may have noticed that i began starting each post with a 'photographic moment'. i chose a theme and began to explore that theme with my camera for the month. 
i had so much fun doing this and many of you commented on how much you liked seeing my photography work.  thank you~! 
so today i decided that anyone commenting on this post could have a chance to win three note cards (of my choice) featuring my photos. not a big deal just a little something from me to you in an effort to show my gratitude for your encouragement and support of this part of my creative self.

i recently had cards made up using my own images. this shot only shows some of them. i will have more cards made up as i continue to take worthy shots so if you think a particular image would make a good card always feel free to say so. these were made by a company called snapfish. i felt they did a great job but i am not being paid to advertise for them. i may have cards made up by a different company next time (suggestions welcome) or i may use my prints to make cards myself . . .
i love having choices.

so here's what i would like you to do if  you are interested in winning. leave a comment on this post telling me what you think my theme was for february. easy peasy. you don't have to get it right you just have to guess. within the same comment i would also like you to suggest a theme that you think i should consider for another month's worth of posts. (i'm starting a list so go ahead, challenge me~!) still easy peasy. on march 12th i will draw one of your names and announce a winner. i will contact you and get your mailing info and send them off for you to enjoy in whatever way you might like.
i may also include another goodie or two . . .
so enter if you're a regular reader and tell your blog friends if you think they may like to participate. i love and will include new readers too.
my hope is to continue challenging myself  and very possibly making this a regular giveaway opportunity. my energy levels and time dictate a lot as well as the response (or lack of one) that i get from readers for this giveaway.

recent gifts include:
  • a goal met with satisfactory results
  • blog friends to share my happiness with
  • a deep love for photography and the way it allows me to  immerse myself deeply in the moment whenever i am behind a cameras lens


  1. Your challenge theme was macro? I do have one of your cards and treasure it! It is on my bulletin board- I'd love to be entered in if that isn't being too selfish:)

  2. Well, as you already know I LOVE and admire your photography!! Not positive but in looking back at your photographs, I am going to say that your theme is closeup of florals..and beautiful they are!! I am so glad you are having cards made up of your work...Now are we going to see them for purchase on Etsy!!!!

  3. If I had your cards I would frame them - not mail them! Beautiful!
    I'd love to see some macro shots of lace.

  4. Hi Libby Q!
    Your photography IS stunning and I've been blessed by it time and time again!
    (BIG hug!)

  5. Whenever I'm asked to guess my mind goes to mush.
    All I know is I very much enjoy your needlework and photography.

  6. Macro is your theme! Since it snowed, why not try snowflakes. Boy, would I cherish some of your cards!!!

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by & leaving all your kind comments for Archer ♥
    Beautiful photo cards.
    Your theme for February was: Macro :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I am, I am, I am! Count me in for some artistic springtime inspiration! Your notecards are just lovely fun!

  9. It doesn't get much better than a spontaneous give-away! Your note cards are beautiful. Anyone would be happy to win such a delightful set of cards. You have a very creative and generous spirit!

  10. Those are some gorgeous shots! I would love to have your notecards.
    It seems your theme was macro.

  11. What beautiful photography!! And I love your covered buttons-- I never would have thought to embellish a button-- such a great idea! I think that your theme for February may have been Macro Floral...? And, for a suggestion for a future theme.... how about water droplet photography-- for April Showers... :-) Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I am impressed---- and inspired! :-)

  12. I think the theme was nature in action. The pictures are beautiful, whatever the theme!

  13. Your February theme must be details ... shapes ... colours! My initial suggestion was to take pictures of parts of furniture but since it's getting warmer where you are I'm thinking maybe the shadows these lovely flowers make?

  14. Hello Libby, I'm persuaded!!

    February theme, 'beautiful begonias'? As for March, what about 'colour & light' or even 'my local view'? The second suggestion would allow those of us who live in different parts of the world an opportunity to see a little bit more of yours.

    The begonias would make great cards too. Hope that you're enjoying your weekend in the snow. It's windy and sunny here, the garden is very green and in desperate need of tidying up. Lesley x

  15. Your theme was up-close. That was a good theme and it could be followed with far away, on the side, sunnyside up, I got your back, over the sholder, at arms' length, I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole......you get the idea, other distances. Have a great weekend.

  16. Theme: The inner beauty of flowers. LOL, something with flowers or spring, I think. Any of the pictures I saw would make great cards. Another theme I always like is children at play, or at work. They are so focused!

    dezertsuz at gmail


  17. I'm a new follower and I found you via Linda at Stray Stitches. Looking back over some of your pictures my guess is your theme was " parts of a flower or plant" Is that a theme? hehe. My suggestion for a future theme is"words".

    Thank you for a beautiful giveaway and a chance to win. Your pictures are gorgeous.


  18. I envy your photography skill!
    Loves the theme, I loves to see the flowers in every posts.

  19. Your cards look lovely! Please count me in for the giveaway.. I'd say your Feb. theme was Macro Shots of houseplants/flowers.

  20. I'm so sad I missed this!
    What fun!
    I love seeing your photos, they are always so beautiful


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