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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ march 13

the sun has been out for a few days and the earth is beginning to warm up . . .
look what i discovered under a small pile of leaves.
daffodils just barely popping out of the ground. i was careful to put their protective cover back on as we have plenty of cold weather to anticipate yet.

my weekly report card for the 15 minute challenge:

  • tuesday, mar. 6th: machine felting  
  • wednesday, mar. 7th: hexie sewing
  • thursday, mar. 8th: TAST (running stitch) onto the wonderful daughter's stocking
  • friday, mar. 9th: hexie basting 
  • saturday, mar. 10th: sewing on the flower garden top 
  • sunday, mar. 11th: sewing on the flower garden top 
  • monday, mar. 12th: sewing on the flower garden top ~ brainstorming the (string tulip) jubilee project 

  • it was a good week for me. it must have been the giveaway i won last week from  Kate at Life in Pieces~!
    nothing like a wonderful bit of bloggy generosity to stoke the creative fires. thank you Kate for the nice book and charm pack. i can hardly wait to receive my goodies~!

    i've started thinking of the hexie project as my 'flower garden top'. that's a positive sign i think.  i've also spent a little more time brainstorming my string tulip blocks for the jubilee project.  i've decided that i like the single tulips on a block better than multiples. i'm leaning towards setting them on the diagonal because it doesn't seem as 'static' to me.

    after looking at these photos i think i've decided to set them on the cheddar fabric and use the red for sashing. i'm not sure what i'm doing with the cornerstones yet.

    what if the flowers are not set exactly the same way in every block. the stems could lean or curve a bit differently in each block, the tulips themselves could 'nod' as they please . . .
    i've done some more sketching and realize that i will probably have large triangular areas along the edges . . . if i use the red fabric (or the same fabric i use for the sashes) in those spaces they will form a sort of border . . . my sketch doesn't currently have any color and it might help if i added some to help with those decisions. these sorts of large spaces can be great for interesting quilting designs . . . 

    i've also fully realized that this project isn't even going to dent my string tulip stack~!


    recent gifts include:

    *a movie and pizza night with the family
    *discovering new green growth underneath the leafy mulch
    *the good of giving


    1. Oh, don't you love seeing the green shoots in the spring?
      I like the tulips on cheddar too and I love the movement of them going different ways.
      Pizza and a movie - always my favorite evening!

    2. I can see how making string-pieced tulips could become addicting! It will be fun watching your Jubilee Quilt bloom!

    3. Love the idea of the tulips going in different directions. My daffodils are well up, and ready to bloom. Everyone else on the block has them about bloomed out! I must be on the chilly side of the street. =)


    4. Spring sprang early here in Virginia. Our daffodils are already out and it was 80 degrees today. Just a little too early for my liking.
      Just LOVE these tulips and your plans for them.

    5. Those tulips look good auditioning on their background fabric. Take your time and play and then decide on how you want it to go.

    6. Great week! Loving your tulips.

    7. I love seeing your string tulips again!! They are wonderful on cheddar or red!! I know whatever you come up with will be jubilee stellar!!!

    8. I love the little tulips. I havent seen a quilt like that before and I think the idea is brilliant. I cant wait to see how this one comes together.

    9. The tulip blocks are looking good, Libby. Congratulations to Gwen on winning the giveaway - now you have lots of different ideas to consider. x

    10. I love these sweet tulip blocks! So creative ♥

    11. I'm a bit slow with the catch up with everyone this week. Great week of sewing you have had.

    12. perfect time to be thinking about tulips, they are looking very pretty.

    13. I really like the tulips on the cheddar fabric. Looking forward to seeing how that one comes together.

      Great week, 7 out of 7 days. Sorry to be so late commenting, but my computer problems were compounded by not having Internet over the last week or so. Look forward to seeing what you've been up to on next Tuesday.


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