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Thursday, April 1, 2010

i've been totally unmotivated today. not sure if it's this crazy on again, off again spring weather or the ms but all i could muster up the energy to do was look through these two books and sort through some fabrics that i've been pulling together for a quiltalong sponsored by Lori at http://www.humblequilts.blogspot.com/ . if you are interested in antique and vintage quilts this is a wonderfully inspiring blog to visit.

she has done at least one quiltalong before this one (a doll quilt called Cheddar Cheese and Crackers in an antique style) and i happened to discover it after it had already begun. i was extremely tempted to get all charged up and join in but decided instead to finish a few other projects that i had previously started and wait until there was another one. and in her last few posts she's been mysteriously talking about the next one. not telling us yet just what we'll be doing but giving us some clues in the form of dates, blocks and colors . . . it was enough to get me running for the studio fabric pantry earlier this week and before i knew it it looked like a fabric store had exploded in there~!~ so this morning as i read these books i also sifted through some of that mess and culled out some that i would like to work with for this upcoming project.
she suggested blacks with a 1900's look to them.
black prints, sometimes referred to as mourning prints.
the tiny red check that you see on the very bottom is being set aside for possible sashing needs . . .

cinnamon pinks

some browns

the indispensable shirting prints

blues. i pulled both indigo and cadet as well as a wide ticking type stripe that i may or may not use . . .

and just for fun i also pulled a couple of fabrics that could be termed conversationals. not sure if i'll use them but many quilts made during this time period did include these cute fabrics.
i have a couple more that i haven't shown that are maybe's . . . not sure if they're just right or not until i see a pattern . . .
so, Lori, if you're out there, i'm ready to see what's next~!!!!~
i may decide to hand piece this one as well as hand quilt it after i've seen a bit more information . . .

i think i'll go and have a nap now. maybe read a little bit in my newest book: The Road by Cormac McCarthy . . . this book is so sad and depressing but i cannot seem to stop reading it. i think that i'm hoping it must have some sort of happiness at some point . . . i hope . . .
i believe there was a movie out a few months ago but i didn't get a chance to see it so may have to put it on the Netflix que.


  1. Clues in the calico is a good book too!!
    It looks like you have enough fabric for a king size quilt!! LOL May I suggest looking through your scraps for the same fabrics you have pulled? We'll only be using a little bit of each.
    I love what you have!!

  2. Oh take care, nice friend. Rest as much as you can. I love the bees and the birdhouses. When I read your posts and look at your photos, I realize how vastly intricate quilting is. Every quilter I know loves to play around with fabric combos. Your combos are lovely!

  3. Looking at that lovely range of fabrics I can totally understand you not quite getting as far as 'Dress Up'! what a fab distraction! now I just want to see you put them altogether! (BTW the dresses would look fab from the remnants!! lol!) Margaret

  4. Once again I am blown away by your photography! I am a real fan of Cormac McCarthy also...his work is as you said compelling, even though very dark! We finally seem to be having permanent spring here in Texas...it cerainly took a while!


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