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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i would like you to help me celebrate the completion of my first year of blogging as well as over 200 posts.

it's been a learning experience for me as well as a creative experience and most of all it's been FUN ~!~

i've met some fabulously talented and creative artists who inspire me in my own creativity

people who are kind beyond measure

so many offerings of encouragement have been given and i really do THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of the various joys that you have shared during this past year~!!~

so imagine yourself a winner (because each and every one of you are) and leave a comment on this post telling me which one of these six postcards you like the best and i will enter you in a drawing.
the prize will be all six cards plus some other small goodies. i am also going to do some secondary awarding of yet even more surprises . . . after all, what's a party without LOTS of surprises~!?!~
i plan on drawing a name on the morning of friday, april 23rd and announcing the winner(s) later that day. i wish everyone who participates loads of luck.


  1. Just popped by to say hello and congratulations on your postings/blog anniversary :o)

    Carolyn xo

  2. I only get to chose one favorite....oh this is hard!! I guess the fourth one down "wonder" would be my fav...not for any particular reason other then it is:)
    Congratulations on 200 posts! And for inspiring me!!

  3. Dear Libby, congratulations! I won't take part in the draw because I've already been a recipient of your generosity. Bye for now, Lesley

  4. Hello! they are all beautiful !! the second one is very cute with the writings on it "par avion" and "Life is sweet"! Love the colours and the clear lines of the 4th and the happiness of the 3rd one.
    I hope I could help you with my opinion :)
    Many greetings, Fatima

  5. 1 year already!! It seems like you just started this blog. I sure enjoy all your art, photos, and your general creative nature.
    Cheers to more adventure in blogging and art!

  6. my favourite is the one with the bee, tree and white flower embroidery (do you like my rhyme? =D )
    congratulations! and Cheers to 200 more days ahead! these are all so beautifully stitched and thought out. joyful, springtime colours that make me smile!
    regards, heather (goosie-gander)

  7. They're all great - how could I pick a favorite? But if I must: the first one intrigues me the most because I want to see how you achieved the effect on the right side, and I most like the embroidery on the second one.

  8. Hi LibbyQ! I love number four (from the top) the best. YAY for you! Congratulations! I'm so glad I found you!

  9. Libby...your cards are a wonder!! (I guess that popped into my head because it is also my favorite of all). I am still working on my series on wheels and have used some embellishments like those on this card...Congratulations!! 200! Wow!!

  10. My favorite is the one with all the little fabricky bits, but I love them all! Congratulations on your 200th post. It was great to meet you!

  11. ~♥Rick and Kathy♥~April 22, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    Hi girlfriend, I made it...I'm only stopping by quickly this visit as I have to get ready for work. This is a great place! Good work on this hang out! :) I love all your work! Out of all these if I had to pick my favorite...and it's hard...I think it would be....ummmm...The Life is sweet one...but I really love the crazy patch one too with the little medallion....I hate making decisions! LOL

    Talk to you soon my friend!

    Have a great day!

    Kathy :)

  12. I just read your answer to my query about "The Poisonwood Bible"...thanks for the critique! I will definitely try it now! I just finished "The Lacuna" and was pleased with the way it ended!

  13. Oh, I hope I'm not too late to enter your giveaway. Perhaps you slept late this morning and I just squeaked by. Congratulations on a year of fabulously inspiring posts. It is hard to choose a favorite postcard but I think I like the last one best because of the colors.

  14. It's hard to choose just one... I think the life is sweet one will be m pick. I like the colors a lot. I really love the buttons that are running across it. That is a very cool detail! I think most of all though I like the sentiment, life IS sweet.


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