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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank You for the many birthday wishes left within my comments. i did have a great day with many phone calls, visits and even some gifts~!!!~ i am blessed.
all of that birthday celebrating has left me a little bit behind on my blog visiting and i hope to be out and about in blogland during the week catching up.

this is the second postcard that i have made using some smaller appliqued heart blocks that were generously given to me. i've made this one for someone in particular but was wondering if i should make another one (or two?) for the give-away package of cards that i'm currently creating . . . what do you think? this second card is quite likely to be included within that package and there are several more that i'm working on . . .
just wanted you all to know that i haven't forgotten and i am still creating cards for the promised one year anniversary/200th blog post give-away.

a few years ago, at Christmas, i bought an Amaryllis plant. after it was finished with that bloom cycle it went dormant.

i continued to water it and hope but nothing happened . . . i was about to give up on it when i noticed a bit of green growth a couple of weeks ago. and now it has a long, strong stalk that supports two beautifully opened blossoms as well as a third smaller one that is still in the bud stage.

i love that lime green center as much as the red and white petals~!!~

is this one of those plants that only blooms every second year? and isn't it interesting that it has decided to grace me with color at Easter rather than Christmas, as it did originally? i'm guessing that the plant nurseries and their habit of forcing flowers at all times of the year has something to do with this but i don't really know.
i'm just happy that it has brightened my dining room with a second showing~!!~


  1. What lovely photos, as usual.
    And a belated Happy Birthday for yesterday!

  2. So pretty! Your cards are exquisite, Libby Q!
    The tiny, neat stitches are so perfect.

  3. HAPPY BELATED B-Day!!! Hope this year will be your best ever!


  4. PS - I really like the little applique heart cards. They a just so sweet!


  5. I love the postcards and yes, I think you need to make more:)
    That is so cool about the plant! My mom still has hers sitting in her window but it doesn't look like it is going to bloom...who knows?!

  6. Nice post Libby. The heart postcard is so pretty and enhanced by the embroidery stitches. Best wishes, Lesley

  7. what WONderful stitches and love your flower photos too!


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