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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i've been recently frustrated by an intermittent internet connection. all of last week it was on again ~ off again and by the time friday came i was just grateful that i was able to continue on with my give-away without interruption. then over the weekend it was completely off and i became even more frustrated. i had intended on connecting with everyone personally and getting addresses (for those of you whom i don't already have them) and putting some special surprises in the mail. i believe i've now made all of those contacts and once i've received the necessary information, will have some sweet goodies coming your way within the next few days. if it turns out that i've overlooked you in all of the confusion please let me know~!~

other than the internet irritations i thought that the giveaway was lots of fun and i am very grateful for all of those who dropped by and congratulated and/or participated.

anyway, despite the lack of internet service i did manage to find something fun to do with my computer during the two days of "black out". i got onto my photoshop elements program and created this digital postcard.

what do you think? i used a photo of one of my own mixed media postcards and a photo of the dragonfly that i shot last year (in my garden) and combined the two with a pinch of pixie dust (or whatever that photoshop magic is called) and voila~!~ it actually wasn't quite that easy and there may have even been a few swear words during the process but for the most part it was really FUN~!!~
i even purchased some postcard card stock to print them out onto. the printing process has been a bit frustrating as the card stock doesn't always seem to want to feed through just right . . . but i think both the printer and i are beginning to get the hang of it . . .

i'm currently working on a doll quilt quiltalong that is being sponsored by Lori at www.humblequilts.blogspot.com and so far i'm having a blast putting my little quilt blocks together by hand. Lori is pretty fabulous at giving excellent instructions and i've found no frustrations at all despite the blocks measuring only five inches square (they'll finish up at four and a half). each block consists of thirty individual pieces sewn up together. my finished quilt may take a little bit longer as hand sewing is slower but it's making a great end of the day (carrot quilt) project.

i already have two blocks completely sewn and one nearly finished.

there will be a total of eleven whole blocks and two half blocks within the finished little quilt.

and last but not least i have progress on the Dress Up challenge to report. this is my (romantic) dress for the month of february being modeled by my sweet and oh so charming sage dolly. this dress is made up of cheesecloth and bits of tattered lace.
i joined the challenge quite late and so still have dresses for the months of january and march to catch up with. i'll just fit them in as i have a bit of extra time . . . it's now time to start thinking about a dress for the month of may and my creative brain is already churning with some thoughts on that one . . .
feel free to take a look at what some of the other participants are doing by going to http://www.aliceandcamilla.blogspot.com/ . the variety of artwork in this challenge may surprise (and delight) you.
i have something very cool to show you in my next post . . . think "peeps" . . .


  1. Your doll and her dress is wonderful, love these primitive dolls,and your blocks to the little doll quilt are beautiful.

  2. Your little doll dressed in the vintage lace is adorable!!
    Those are some great looking quilt blocks you got going there!! :)

  3. I love the photoshop postcard....I think that is a great idea..I may have to try that!! That would be a good way to send those quicky notes to friends!

  4. Libby, your digital postcard is really good! And I can't wait to see the latest carrot quilt when it's finished. The first blocks are so pretty. Hope the computer starts to behave soon. Lesley


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