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Friday, April 30, 2010

have a peek at the tiny flock of birdies that migrated to my house recently.
aren't they oh-so-adorable~!!!?!!!~ after they arrived they immediately began flitting about the house finding their own special nesty spots . . .
some have claimed the grapevine wreath that i have hanging on my front door . . .
they are just the tiniest, cutest cleverest handmade little peeps i have ever seen~!!~!

sometimes when you find something really great like this it's hard to share where you got it from but it would be a crime not to let you in on the secret wouldn't it~!?!~

i was browsing around on flickr the other day and came across a photo of one of these handmade wrens. i found it totally irresistible and before you know it i had tracked down where i could get a flock of my own.
Jennifer Hall of www.bubbletime.etsy.com and www.SeaPinks.etsy.com has these as well as many more of the most amazingly fantastically sweet whimsical items that you can imagine. some seriously CUTE STUFF here~!!!~
if you link over to her sites you will be delighted and smiling all day at what you find there, whether or not you choose to actually purchase you will be rewarded with a day long smile and if by chance you find something that you can't live without, i guarantee you will be very pleased with the quality of workmanship within this gal's shops. trust me on this one: it's some REALLY GOOD stuff.
btw: let's just say "a little bird" told you~!~

i've gotten a confirmation on the receipt of this mixed media postcard that i made for a very special someone.
it's always good to hear when a card i've sent has gotten to it's intended destination and has found a good home.
happy birthday Harry and you are so very welcome~!~


  1. what adorable little wrens and your card is very lovely too

  2. Hello! The wrens are lovely. Oh, I love birdies so much. I'm so happy they visit my bird feeder. Your gorgeous postcards amaze me, LibbyQ! Happy! Happy!


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