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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

today i hope to be mailing out my newest fabric postcard. i recently received a very generous gift of some hand appliqued heart quilt blocks and decided to use one of them within a postcard as a thank you. i added some embroidery and tiny button embellishments and bound it with a perfectly sized batik bit that i just happened to have on my cutting table. i'm pleased with it and hope the receiver will be as well. this next photo is of a card that i have in progress. it will be a birthday card for someone very special . . . this one is more involved and will take a bit longer but i have a pretty good start. see that rooster? i started out with a simple cross stitch pattern and sort of did my own thing with it . . . got a bit blingy didn't it~!?!~ i stitched a metallic silver chicken wire behind the rooster (stitched on some of my own hand dyed Aida cloth). i'm now adding some floral touches with silk ribbon embroidery as well as many other threads/stitches. i also used some of my hand dyed cottons in patches around the rooster. i hope to show you a finished card within a week or two . . .

this is a soft cloth bunny doll that i've had for a long time. he was purchased as an unclothed item to be crafted further with. i liked him just the way he was and chose to display him that way. when my daughter was about eight years old she decided that he needed a vest. she went into my studio, found a fabric that she liked and without a pattern proceeded to make his cute little vest. i was completely delighted~!!~ and he's been wearing it ever since . . .

this is a "tattoo" that i embroidered on my first and only handmade Raggedy Ann dolly. i should have made a Raggedy Andy dolly as well but just never got around to it.
i may eventually make another one but think that i might try something a bit more primitive when i do . . .

years after i created Ann i decided that she needed angel wings. i had a small piece of cutter quilt that was red with white polka dots and simply cut out two wing shapes and ran a copper wire through their edges so that i could make them pose-able. i think she's very proud of her accessory wings~!~

until i make an Andy doll, Ann has been content to befriend the vested bunny. at this time of year she highly suspects that he's the famous Cadbury Bunny . . .
they make a cute couple and i love seeing them displayed with some of my doll quilts. you didn't think i was the one sleeping under all of those little quilts, did you~!?!~


  1. Oh! Your Ann is fantastic. I love her! That bunny is divine as well. Thank you for featuring two things I adore!

  2. Very beautiful postcards and sweet dolls, regarding your question about my doll dress, I made a simple pattern as I use, I'm sure you can too, one of the others have made a pattern to print but I can't remember who,take a look through the different participants blogs on Margeret's challenge blog.

  3. Your postcards are beautiful and the bunny doll is very sweet!


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