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Thursday, March 4, 2010

i have an exciting announcement~!~ my daughter has gotten a puppy so i now have a grand-dog~!!~ isn't she cute~!?!~ when people ask me what kind of dog she is i have to laugh and tell them that she is a full bred Honduran Mutt and 100% Sweetheart. her name is Suki. and i can hardly wait until i get to actually meet her~!~ this is a photograph that my daughter sent me.

i've gotten completely into the spirit of things and have made Suki what i'm calling a "quiltlet". (think piglet: sorta cute ugly but definitely more on the cute side)

i purchased a package of inexpensive flannel baby receiving blankets and placed them together right sides facing out and then utility stitched them in a sort of diagonal plaid pattern. no binding and i left the batting out, as in warmer climates fleas and ticks are an issue and the batting would only complicate things. the receiving blankets were not exactly the same size but i decided that was perfectly okay. as a finishing touch i embroidered Suki's name on a twill tape and then stitched it onto the quiltlet.
the one that you see pictured here is already on it's way to Honduras and i'm halfway through making another one. in fact, i'm now thinking i may end up creating a whole line of "Suki wear" . . . maybe some doggy scarves and who knows what else i might think of~!~


  1. Hope your grand dog brings lots of fun to your life x

  2. Awwww what a precious pup! Lynda - YOU should get a puppy! Dogs are wonderful companions.
    Suki is a lucky grandpup as that blanket looks mighty cozy.

  3. awww! that's a mighty sweet pup! she's adorable! i bet suki wil absolutely LOVE the blankies you made her!

    terry lee

  4. Suki looks like a fawn. Cute!

  5. What a cute looking doggie!

  6. She is very sweet, lucky dog with a blanket with her name on.

  7. Hi Libby! So nice to see you stopped by today. I love what you wrote - and yes sometimes it takes drastic measures to make us slow down and appreciate the process of life and all that it involves. I am going to look up that book you suggested. Thank you.
    Always so nice to hear from YOU.


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