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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

yesterday a.m. we were experiencing snow showers but this morning it's all about the sunshine again . . . i took my camera out to see if i could get any shots of spring emerging and i found the daffodils reaching out through the cold ground and up towards the warmth of the sun. keep in mind that these are macro shots and the plants are just barely pushing up so they appear to be much larger than they actually are.
i also found some crocus and even some tulips just coming up.
recently i read someones description of spring being like any other birth; contractions, lots of starting and stopping and then, finally, new life. this certainly seems like an apt description to me and thinking of spring in those terms causes me to remember that it will all happen in good time and just as it should. i just need to remember to breathe in those resting (reluctant) moments . . . whooo -whooo - whooooo

this is carrot quilt number six ~!~ quilted, bound and signed~!!~ this small piece (approximately 23 and a half inches x 25 inches) was one of two quilts that i did with my guild sisters as part of a round robin for small and doll quilts. i won't tell you how long i've had it waiting around for finishing/attention because that would be embarrassing. suffice it to say that it's been way too long. i did the primitive little bean tree and the next person added a panel with "Love Life" and some sunshine. the last person added the cute little primitive house appliqued onto a checkerboard background. then it came back to me and i added a bit more checkerboard background and some appliqued pumpkins as well as a few more rays on the sun. i think it turned out pretty cute and am planning on displaying it on the wall during the fall season. i quilted this one in the baptist fan pattern, using a heavier thread and utility stitches so it went pretty fast.
the second quilt that was part of this round robin activity is actually already finished and had i been thinking i would have included a shot of it also. i had the other members of my team build around a block with a primitive appliqued bee skep on it. the finished quilt reminds me of the longest, most golden days of summer.

here is a sneak peek of carrot quilt number seven (!!!!!!!) in progress. i made a second bean tree block and a second primitive bee skep block for this little piece and put them together in a quilt top of their own. i used lots of pinks, some green and soft browns in this one and it has a spring look to it so it's been a bit more seasonally appropriate to stitch on. i've even used a soft pink colored embroidery thread to quilt it with. this is the first time i've ever used embroidery floss (a single strand) to quilt with but it's lovely and i really like it.
once i have this one finished i'll post a shot of all three small quilts together since they are "siblings" of a sort.


  1. Well Hey There LibbyQ! Happy Spring. This little folksy quilt is just adorable, but I must say - I am in love love love with whatever is going on here with the pink and white. It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it in its entirety. Hope you're having fun!

  2. Yay and double yay to Spring things! finally!! it seems like we've all been waiting a long time this year for even a hint of green.
    Love your quilts, the second shot is super cool, you are gonna show us the whole thing later, right?! Margaret

  3. Libby, another lovely carrot quilt! I really like the colours that you have used, so rich and earthy and the pumpkins too. Well done. Lesley


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