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Saturday, March 13, 2010


"Art is communication,
and if there is no communication
it is as though the work had been stillborn."
from Walking On Water
by Madeleine L'Engle
thank you to all of you who help to give my art life simply by coming here and seeing what i've done. you're wisdom, support and encouragement are a priceless gift that i treasure.
after the short little brag session below you will see that i have something in the works for my next give-away. a tangible expression of the gratitude i feel to all who offer me this sustaining communication which is an integral part of my creative life.

i'm finally getting around to posting my newest little finished carrot quilt (#5~!!!!~). this one took a bit longer to make since there is quite a bit of close quilting throughout.

all photos can be enlarged for a closer look.
i am happy with the results and am now working on carrot quilt #6 . . .

edit: i am linking this old post into a little quilt show hosted by Taryn of  Reproduction and Antique Quilt Lover.

it occurred to me just after posting my last post that i should be celebrating my first blogiversary~!!~ i began blogging in March of 2009. it's been a fun and interesting adventure and it certainly would not have been quite as fabulous if i hadn't been acquiring new friends along the way. in addition to being at my first year mark i also discovered that i'm almost to my 200th post. so, in celebration, i think it's time for another give-away.

since i realized this all a bit belatedly i am still creating what i'll be giving. i do know that it will be a package of six postcards. i don't want to actually have the drawing until i've finished them. so, you will have to be patient with me and i'll continue to post teasers on the progress of the cards. this shot is of some fabric card blanks (meaning i haven't added any embellishments yet) that i made using my own hand dyed fabrics and a few batiks. i love the way that hand dyed fabrics look with batiks and my stitches and other embellishments show up nicely on them too. i will however be making more blanks with a different look to them and may even throw in a paper collaged card or two . . . for now i'm just having fun creating a variety of postcards that you will be able to use for sending or keeping or whatever you might like.

. . . so stay tuned . . .


  1. Hey there Ms. LibbyQ - I do love that little quilt. Is that hand stitched? It's beautiful. Just imagine that in a full sized quilt - I want one!! Just like that one!! Do hope you're enjoying your weekend. Also love those little cards - I'm not so great at piecing - and those look swell!!

  2. I'm tuned! We are blog sisters because I started in March one year ago! Your hearts are lovely and don't you LOVE Walking on Water? It's Wow, for sure! lovelovelove LibbyQ!

  3. your quilt is gorgeous, such a lovely selection of colours you've used in making it, as well as all the intricate sweing!

  4. What an adorable little quilt!! Beautiful quilting too.

  5. Yes, I'm tuned too! I love your hearts but why do you call them carrot quilts? I think I asked you that before ... sorry ... I need to know!

  6. Oh funny! The verification words is FACTS. Oh yes! I need the facts about carrot quilts ;o)

  7. What a very beautiful quilt in wonderful colors, and your postcards are lovely, you asked about at pattern for the Dress Up challenge, look here
    http://giniowen.blogspot.com/2010/02/paper-dresses-template.html Gini have some you can download.
    Regards Anni

  8. This latest carrot quilt is wonderful, I like everything about it! Lesley x

  9. Oh, so sweet! Love this little quilt, libbyQ. Glad you shared this oldie but goodie!


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