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Sunday, February 28, 2010

goosie-gander photography
i think that one of the very best things about the internet is the amazing friendships that it's possible to make. people that i may have never had an opportunity to meet and share with any other way are right there at the end of my fingertips.
talented people. kind people. generous people. really GOOD people.
one of my favorite people on the internet is Heather Addley aka goosie-gander. i first noticed Heather in flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/headdley) where her astonishingly beautiful photography caught my eye. Heather is a fellow macro enthusiast and manages to capture this magical world with enormous talent.

i was delighted to recently discover that she has her own website (http://www.goosie-gander.weebly.com/) and hope that you might take a moment and give yourself the pleasure of checking out her work. all of the photography within this post are shots that i've taken (with permission) from a beautiful book that i recently received full of her stunning imagery.

Heather has the ability to bring often overlooked things into focus with beautiful color and clarity. you will indeed be visiting worlds that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. fleeting moments that have been expanded into universes unto themselves. these are photos one can really be surprised by and get totally (and happily) lost in.

take a few minutes and treat yourself to the extraordinary art of Heather Addley.

trust me. you'll be glad that you did~!~


  1. I definitely will! Thank you, LibbyQ! I wish you a happy, feel-good week, sweet friend.

  2. I will too! Thank you for introducing us to Heather. I hope all is great in Libbyworld. I've missed popping over but I'm gradually getting caught up after being away twice in a short spell. Sending hugs, have a great week xoxo

  3. Hi Libby. Thanks so much for checking in on Gizmo. I did receive two comments from you but one it wouldn't let me open - it started with, " I wondered why I....." and that's all it said.
    Thank you for the concern for Gizmo - what a character he is. Yes - he swallowed the spiney seed pod (which was about 2") it ended up lodged in his intestines about 2 feet down after passing through his stomach. Crazy dog! He is sleeping on the couch right now (heavily) sedated. Hope all is well with you. I'm looking forward to getting back to creating again. Thanks again for the Note. (I tried to find your e-mail but it's not listed anywhere.)

  4. LibbyQ: i should have asked you write a fore word in my little table book!!! you make me blush...thank you ever so much for featuring me in your blog. your words touched my heart with your kindness and enthusiasm. i am blessed to have you as a friend, too.



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