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Friday, January 17, 2014

art journal every day ~ january 17, 2014

the prompt this week for Journal52 is "Somewhere, A Simple Place".
on tuesday i located a sheet of paper that i had already begun to background onto and did some more coloring, scribbling, stenciling, etc.
i was thinking of going "somewhere" into an imaginary garden . . .

then on wednesday i searched around for a quote that might work for the page. i found a couple i liked and looked through some old ephemera for ideas. so just an art journal brainstorm going on that day.

thursday morning i found a calendar page from a 2013 World Wildlife calendar that got me thinking in a whole new direction. i cut the page down to 8 and a half inches by 11 inches and decided to make it my base . . . clipped some more aquatic type images and called it good for the day.
a big clip art storm that day~!

friday morning i got out the glue stick and started creating a "border" on my page as suggested by Chelle at Journal52. she offered two suggestions this week as well as the prompt and i hope to use the other one as this page progresses.
this Journal52 thing is shaping up to be a really worthwhile use of my art journaling time~! if you have wanted to art journal but didn't know how or when to start you should consider jumping in. she's not requiring that you spend a lot of money on supplies and the workshop itself is free.

this is where the "Up, Up, & Away" (last weeks Journal52 prompt) theme was carrying me on monday . . .
i am now realizing that my umbrella has gotten caught up in the wind. the weather was crazy windy for a few days last week and not just in my imagination/art.
i also now realize that the 'protection' my umbrella was giving me is 'gone with the wind'.
maybe i don't need it after all . . . weehheeee . . .
on tuesday, it became windier still . . .
on friday a.m. i had a few minutes to add a water color pencil vine to the "up, up, and away" page on a small piece of hand made paper that i stitched onto the bottom
this page is also not quite finished.
i had fun art journaling this week although i realize that my pages are taking a bit too long to finish. oh well, it will all "art"out in the long run i suppose.
today i am linking up with both the Art Journal Every Day forum at Balzer Designs and the Journal52 workshop.


recent gifts include:
  • making my own beef broth 
  • feeling the warmth of a morning cup of coffee in my hands
  • sunshine. blue skies. sunshine. and oh~! some sunshine
  •  anticipating a quick weekend visit from the wonderful daughter
  • smelling the garlicky pasta sauce simmering on the stove


  1. I enjoy seeing what you are working on. I'm doing the Documented Life project with a weekly challenge. Maybe I can get some creative ideas from you.

  2. Oh, I love your gift list today!

  3. Great art! I love the watercolor vine under the umbrella!

  4. this looks like a fun project! I like your artwork very much.

  5. it always fun to see your creative process and what you create - great collage.
    I could have the same "gits" list

  6. Hello - I love your art journal pages - they're lovely and inspirational!

  7. Fun journal pages. Now that I've got the computer mostly back to normal, I'm going to try a bit of digital art journaling.


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