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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching ~ January 26, 2014

Sunday Cyclamen

i have been slow stitching my string tulips onto their vine today. all but two of these are appliqued down, with those two being basted in place and ready for applique.
i do wonder about adding leaves?
this is very much a figure it out as i go kind of primitive quilt experience.
i do wish i had the energy to stage and take a better photo but you get the idea.

i'm joining up with Kathy of Kathy's Quilts for the slow sunday stitching event.   

Kathy has written a thoughtful post about how we, as creative's value our hands. she writes:  "They are instruments of our creativity, to work with our tools, fabric, threads, and beads, and turn them into something we love."

Slow Sunday Stitching

do you appreciate your hands and all that they do?
when you see something that has been created by hand do you think about the hands that made it? your mother's hands, your father's, a child's . . .
sometimes when i see artwork or hand made things i think about how interesting it would be to have a tag attached to the work itself including a photo of those particular creative hands.
how often might i be surprised by them? they might be older, younger or even crippled by arthritis . . . they would surely tell a broader story for us as the viewer of the handwork itself.
a story i would enjoy knowing.
our hands are an amazing gift~!!~
and you gotta love those thumbs too~!


  1. What a lovely photo with the sun shining through the scrappy flowers!
    I love that you are making it up as you go along!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching... enjoy your relaxing sewing today!

  2. I like your tulip vine just the way it is. I think that adding leaves would make it too crowded.

  3. Looks like stained glass - beautiful! Like it just the way it is.

  4. Hi Libby Q! I love your tulips. They are beautiful!

  5. Love your tulips! I would probably add the occasional tulip--not too many--just for added texture. Very thoughtful post!

  6. The string pieced tulips almost look like stained glass! I do appreciate my hands...more and more every day!

  7. Love your tulips! Some of us would call them liberated!

  8. Love your tulips. At first I thought the picture was of a stained glass pane. Something about the way the light was interacting with with the colors made it seem that way. I agree with Cathy, I think adding leaves would make it too crowded.

  9. I like your tulip vines just the way they are. Love the thought about hands. I think about my hands a lot when I'm working with saws; I'm so aware that one wrong move and my needlework and other fine detail work would end.

  10. I do value my hands and the work they do. That quilt panel hanging with the sun shining through is lovely!

  11. Your scrappy tulips are just lovely. I agree, leaves would take away from the lovely flow you have going.

  12. I, too, love the scrappy tulips!! Wonderful, thought provoking ideas on "hands"! Thanks for sharing!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  13. I adore you tulips. I haven't worked on applique for far to long. You inspire me. Hugs

  14. yes, our hands are miracles! just think of what my coco could do with thumbs!
    love your flower vine - looks great.
    Pretty cyclamen photo, I love them!

  15. Your tulips strip is wonderful!!

  16. Great point about the hands! I love photos of baby hands and feet. Speaking of photos. That first one of the cyclamen is awesome. And the one of your applique is cool - I thought you had staged it!

  17. Hi Libby love love those scrappy tulips. I did not realise they were scrappy till I zoomed in on them, so so much work but worth every stitch. such lovely bright clear colours, I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt all come together. Cheers Glenda Australia.

  18. Really lovely. Looks like a lot of work but it's worth it.

  19. your tulips are wonderful. I like them. and the picture of the cyclamen is so nice !

  20. I love how your tulips quilt is coming along. They are so bold and happy :0)

  21. Always love your photos Libby - 'Sunday Cyclamen' is beautiful. Like the stitching too, of course. Lesley x


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