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Friday, January 10, 2014

art journal every day ~ friday 10, 2014

on tuesday i was thinking about and tapping into the possibilities of:
not clipping my own wings.
then i began my art journaling . . . 

  • using a masking off paper for my base (this paper can be found in the hardware store and is called red rosin paper ~ it comes on big rolls and is economical for art journaling purposes)
  • a white paper doily that i did some stamping off  (cleaning the stamp) onto
  • cheap markers found while cleaning the office
  • dyelusions spray ink (purple and white)
  • punchinella ribbon as a stencil

wednesday i didn't feel like a had a lot of extra time so opted to simply add some running stitches around the outer part of my paper doily in a cotton mid weight orange thread.

 thursday i created another hand carved stamp. ever since i did my first one (pear) i have been wanting to make more and after reading this post on Julie's blog (Balzer Designs) i became even more inspired/motivated.

in fact, i was so inspired that i made another one.
the umbrella is going to be used within an art journal workshop/challenge that i have joined called Journal52. This is a free year long art journal workshop hosted by Chelle.       
the first week's prompt is "up, up, and away". 
i discovered this wonderful opportunity when recently reading fellow free spirited artist Dawn's post at Girl Unwinding.
maybe you will become inspired by this workshop as well.
so the following a.m. i happened to do some reading about aspirations/setting goals and realized that i need to give some thought to having aspirations without attachments. i need to remember that i can have hopes/dreams/aspirations without being so attached to them that i ruin my life trying to attain them.
"it's about the journey", my muses whisper to me again and again.

i feel that this subject has some relevance to the up, up, and away prompt and my first mental image was a floating balloon and then an open umbrella . . .  i went with the umbrella.
i imagine i chose it because an umbrella is used when one needs protection from the elements . . .
maybe i lack faith as i float "up, up, and away" . . .

i guess brainstorming isn't about logic.

i stamped the umbrella image onto some unbleached muslin. 

friday i snipped out the negative spaces within the stamped umbrella (on fabric) and then laid it onto a yellow subtly printed fabric and embroidered it.

i'm not sure where i'm going with it from here . . .

i know that i've "jumped tracks" with my art journaling this week. first working on my " . . . not clipping my own wings" page and then leaping into the Journal52 workshop/challenge.
perhaps i'll come back around to the first piece as i work through the year . . .
art journaling is like that. it's exploration and creativity . . . not necessarily working continuously on any one piece of art. it turns out that it too is all about the journey, not the destination.

today i am linking up with both the Art Journal Every Day forum at Balzer Designs and the Journal52 workshop.

recent gifts include:
  • a sweetly quiet holiday spent with my wonderful husband and daughter
  • time to think about what is important to me in my life
  • whispering muses


  1. It IS about the journey, Libby Q. Nice!
    I love your stamps and your embroidery. I am enjoying a book titled A Million Little Ways. I think you'd like it. The cover says, "Uncover the art you were made to live".

  2. What fun! Up, Up and away...I like that.

  3. This is a wonderfully flowing post, libbyQ!
    I can remember making stamps in elementary art class. I liked it so much my mom gifted me with supplies to do it at home. What did you use for your stamp?
    I love how you used items other people would discard. You see the possibility!
    I love the style of your umbrella stamp. It really comes alive with the stitching. Nothing wrong with protecting ourselves!
    New year - new start - I love January and the promise it holds for new beginnings and longer days.

  4. Wow, Libby, I'm impressed…..made your own stamp, embroidered, etc. Lots of talent here.

  5. Your stamps are amazing and I love the image they make. Your embellished doily is so pretty!

  6. I love your stamps! I've seen Julie's on her blog and now seeing yours its making me want to start making them myself!

  7. Love the new journal projects. Enjoy the journey, you are right it isn't all about the goals.

  8. I'm so excited that I found your blog through Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! I'm loving the doily and the embroidery!

  9. love love love that hand carved turtle stamp. What did you carve it out of? Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. Here from JFFB's blog

    1. thanks Cathy~!
      i bought a small kit for carving stamps and within it there was a carving tool and a chunk of this pink stuff (called 'Speedy-Carve' )and instructions.

      •Speedy-Carve - this is made by Speedball Art Products. These pink carving blocks have been specially created for carving. Speedy-Carve is very easy to cut and intricate designs can be cut when using sharp carving tools.

      i hope this helps.



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