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Friday, September 27, 2013

art journaling friday ~ september 27, 2013

i'm finding out how art journaling affects me. and it's absolutely amazing how much i look forward to getting into my studio and getting in just those few minutes. i didn't think it would really be enough daily time but it works out perfectly.
i sit down and evaluate what i did previously and then make a quick decision about what i will do next and get that done.
often i find that something needs to dry a bit anyway so i'm ready to put it away until the next time. until then i carry ideas around with me about how i might continue and as i go about my other activities (both art and routine stuff) i find that new ideas (or variations) occur to me.

and best of all, i'm finding that i get such a good energy from doing the work/play within my art journal that i'm getting more done in other areas of my life too. can't beat that~!

my newly finished page is on the left and the page on the right has had a few small additions to it so that the pages 'work' together.

Art Journal Every Dayi'll be linking up with Art Journal Every Day at Balzer Designs today.
i enjoy seeing what other art journalers are doing to their pages and sharing mine with them is fun too. today Julie is "sharing some art journal pages from the end of August and the beginning of September."  her artwork is also very inspiring~!

as the weather cools off i'm finding that i want to do a page or two representing the fall season so i'm currently working on that.

recently i received a surprise package in the mail from Barb of Fun with Barb. i was delighted to find a book inside called "Fairyopolis ~ A Flower Fairies Journal" by F Warner & Co. The artwork within was done by Cicely Mary Barker and is absolutely wonderful~!! thank you so much Barb for thinking of me when you found this treasure and for passing it along.
Barb noted that i could do anything i'd like with the book and so far i've spent quite a lot of time with it as i sip on my steaming morning coffee (well, it starts out steaming). it's been inspiring and a beautiful way to start each day.
the artwork is stunning in every detail.

i'm finding that i love the interactive inclusions within the book. i really must try to do this type of thing more often in my own art journal.

isn't this small "guide to fairies and trees" fun?

it accordian folds out and is full of further artwork.

i realize that when things like this are on the page the book becomes a sort of playground for the reader.

this sweet illustration of a blackberry fairy is tempting  me to cut it out and apply it to my newest pages . . . wouldn't it be perfect for a fall themed page in my own art journal?

i'm not sure that i can cut it though~!

recent gifts include:
  • the unexpected generousity of a special internet friend found within the blogging world
  • time spent with a good book
  • the affects of art journaling on my life
  • a cup of hot tea with honey in the afternoon as i enjoy the slight chill of a fall day


  1. You're so creative Libby! All that art must take a lot of time and thought not to mention skill. Good on you!

  2. What a thoughtful and perfect gift for you!!!

  3. Just completely beautiful work and I enjoy reading how good the art journal makes you feel! I had more of a comment here but I accidentally hit the "sign out" button on the right instead of publish. Argh!

  4. Wonderful, Libby! You've reminded me that everything we do that's worth doing is a 'pracitce'..part of our journey through ourselves and what we love and love to do. I can see where joining a group would be really helpful in the mindfulness of that process! Love all of your ideas and have always loved the Flower Fairies. Oh, how my girls loved the books when they were young! Good times!

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying the book. I knew it was perfect for you and do hope that you "clip" things out and implement them in your own beautiful and creative and personal work.

  6. Great post. Art journaling is good for the soul! We are doing an Art Journal Hop, where we each add to each other's book and then pass it around to the next, until you get your own book back with everyone's art added. Keep up the good work! Aloha

  7. What a lovely post today! And barb is a very special woman- what a nice gift!!

  8. HI Libby I just love your art quilting and paper work, especially the fairies, have you seen Amelia Jane Murray's paintings from around 1820, she painted them when she was about 20 years old they are delightful, a book has been published of some of them, it is called A Regency Lady's Faery Bower by Amelia Jane Murray. I'm sure you would enjoy seeing her paintings they are on the web if you search for them. Cheers Glenda whom you visited today on my blog www.patchworkdreams.com.au via Esther's Aliu's quilt Love Entwined, thank you for dropping in, I hoped you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  9. Your latest page is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your autumn themed pages.


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