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Friday, September 13, 2013

art journaling ~ september 13, 2013

i've been able to get my art journaling fix in on most days and now have a second page to show.
i may play with this one some more but it's good for now.

this page was also created on a lightweight cardboard base (cereal box).
some of the supplies/techniques that i used:

  • water color ~ paints & pencils
  • acrylic paint
  • paper napkins
  • newspaper
  • various found images & words
  • used stamps
  • fabric hexagons "quilted" with metallic thread
  • a vellum quote page
  • some stitching
  • cloth tape
  • micron pen
  • lots of glue
this is how it interacts with the first page that i made.

 and now i'll begin to work on the back side of the first page so as to make a double page layout.
you can see that it's been 'prepped' and i have a stitched box showing due to the work on the other side . . . perhaps an opportunity to frame something up within this area . . .

this has been an interesting process and although i'm not always happy with the results, i am happy to be playing artistically in this way and am learning to enjoy the process. it is surprising what works out in the long run . . .

it's also interesting to me how one art will inform another. do you find this to be true as well?

i will once again be joining up over at Balzer Designs. Julie Fei Fan Balzer has an "Art Journal Every Day" link-up on fridays and this week she has shared many of her own art journaling pages. feel free to check it out and maybe even join in.
if you check out the linkies you will find mountains of inspiration.

thank you for your opinions, enthusiasm, and answers on my last art journaling post. i'm so pleased to have your support and artful suggestions~!


  1. Wow Libby = wonderfully creative!!!

  2. Very nice work! And so inspiring. I'd love to do something like this. I'll have to look into it more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the way you morph the typical, Libby Q! Your art journal is so YOU!
    Maybe I'll go up and sit at my art table instead of dancing with the vacuum cleaner.

  4. Yes, interesting and creative composition, excellent honeycomb, very evocative!

  5. Love your page. The hexagons really make it-what a great way to create an artistic honeycomb. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog too.

  6. Love it! And am surprised you used a cereal box.

  7. What a lovely page - and it's wonderful to see hexies being used artistically in another way. I invite you to post your art page on Hexie Friday - Hexie lovers will sigh over it.

  8. love our new page. What a beautiful bee - goes perfectly with the hexies (honeycomb) :)

  9. Looking good!


  10. Gosh - I'm not entirely sure what it is I love about this! I always love bees with hexagons - just seems so natural. I guess I love that your art almost always includes bits of nature. I actually kind of like seeing the back of your first page!

  11. This is really cool! I am a beekeeper, so I love the bee theme. So neat how you cut the fabric in hexagons to mimic honeycomb! :)

  12. Beautifully done! I love the hexies, bees and butterflies.


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