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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Together" on Our Beautiful World and Wordless Wednesday



  1. Such a fabulous interpretation of "together"......all those gorgeous little pieces....beautiful.

  2. Good idea for obw blog! I haven't posted yet. Thanks for your always welcome comments on my blog! The color chip challenge seems to be a lot of fun for all. My personal goal with it is to use only fabric from my stash!!!

  3. Love the scrappy blocks! What are you planning?

    1. i'm sorry to say that these blocks aren't for me.
      when finished they will each be bundled up and put into my quilt guild's quarter auction event/table. the members are invited to do this every year as a guild fundraiser for our Christmas bazaar.
      the 'crockett cabins' (a pattern from one of the "Around the Block" books) are a bundle i'm putting together but the log cabins i'm doing with a small group of other guild members.
      so far i've managed to use only scraps in the log cabin blocks (always a good thing).
      in the crockett cabin blocks i've used scraps combined with the one background fabric (the tan dots on cream).
      one would think that my scrap basket would begin to look noticeably depleted but nope, still looks as full as ever . . . maybe i've just got them all fluffed up from going through them. :-P
      at any rate i still have lots more to make so there is still hope that the scrap basket will no longer runneth over.


  4. Beautiful work-what a great take on the together theme too :)
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  5. Stunning work, and a brilliant take on the theme.

  6. Oh these look so pretty! It's not something I do but I really admire your talent ... So glad you shared them with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. Always pretty!
    Crisp and perfect!

  8. wish I could have a chance to buy/win those beauties! love the LC blocks :)

  9. They are so pretty, thanks for linking up this week at Our Beautiful World!

  10. what fabulous photos especially for the them.... oooh... it just gets me one more step closer to start quilting when I see pics like this!!

  11. Oh my do I love seeing these, so beautiful sewn together!! I agree with mandysea above, it's pictures like these that make me want to learn quilting.

  12. What a stunning work!!. I love the colors, so cheerful. And most of all, I'm all smiles at this clever interpretation of 'together'!!. Thank you so much for joining us @ Our Beautiful World!

  13. Beautiful quilt blocks....I love how they are "coming together"!!!

  14. Love your blocks. I saw your response up above- what a good idea for a guild to do.

  15. Beautiful blocks. What a great way to use up scraps!

  16. Great interpretation for together! I love quilts. Thankfully my mother in law is a quilter because I would never have the patience.


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