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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wordless wednesday in a yellow beautiful world ~ september 18, 2013





  1. Love your yellow pictures!!! Thank you for introducing me to this blog...I am thoroughly enjoying participating and seeing all the wonderful pictures from others!! We must have been on about the same time...that gives me a warm fuzzy, knowing you are sitting at your computer writing as I am sitting at mine...of course, I know you could have predated your blog, but I like to think my previous thought!!!!

  2. Beautiful. Reminds me of home...I may start sneezing any moment. :)

  3. Beautiful Yellow-Rabbitbrush and Sagebrush are new to me- such lovely happy plants!
    Nessa xx

  4. Oh Wow! What beautiful photos ... Like sunshine coming through your page ... These are so pretty and cheerful ... Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Our Beautiful World!

  5. Oh, now I know that sagebrush has flowers!! :). I was out on a geology field trip in Wyoming one year, and I took home to Malaysia, some sage brush tucked in my field notebook. I studied in Colorado, and somehow sagebrush reminds me of the sweet memories I had there ... the beautiful, calming, minty scent. So, its wonderful to see them again here :) Thank you for sharing the wild flowers with us @ Our Beautiful World!.

  6. These are lovely Libby -- yellow blooms in Autumn always pop. Thanks so much for your visit yesterday. Much appreciated! :)

  7. Libby, love your photos of all these very beautiful photos yellow flowers.

  8. I just love all the beautiful yellow you share with us this week, thanks for linking up at Our Beautiful World!

  9. Ooooh so pretty! I really like this flower. Lovely shots! :)

  10. This is so pretty, love them! I have some pretty yellow in my ditch growing too with a mix of purple around it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us.

  11. Some very pretty meditations on the color yellow. Wonder what plant they are. How lovely.

    1. Sara, the top shots are of sagebrush in bloom and the bottom shots are of rabbitbrush. the sagebrush smells beautiful after it rains but i think that the rabbitbrush has the prettier flowers. these are both currently in full bloom.


  12. just glorious.. wow!! Loved all your photos! thks for participating at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD this week!! xo


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