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Sunday, September 8, 2013

getting back to slow sunday stitching


i realized when the calendar slipped from the month of august into the month of september that this year has swiftly flown by and is nearing it's finish. and christmas~! and my guild's christmas bazaar~!! with all of those realizations came panic. i have a number of things that i need to get done within the next few months.
after several days of what seemed to be a mental list that just went on and on and on some more i started to write it all down and chart it out on a calendar. by the time i was finished i wasn't in a panic anymore but i don't have any time to spare.
i had to put away the hexie quilt project for now but i'll get it out again as soon as i feel like i have everything else under control.

so my project this week for slow sunday stitching
is to evaluate my daughter's Christmas stocking and begin the finish work on it. i have only shown the details of this stocking in previous posts but today i decided to show you just how far along the whole thing is.

i'm a bit surprised in seeing it again as it actually seems very close to being done . . .
this is only the front of the stocking. i will sew it into an actual stocking once all of the embroidery and embellishments are in place. when i started embellishing it last year i was playing along with Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) at Sharon's Pintangle. i had planned on continuing with that when i picked it back up again but what i have decided to do instead is to work out the last of the embroidery/details on my own. i guess i feel like i need a little more freedom of decision at this stage. 
so today i will be picking up my needle and working forward on this project. will you be stitching today? will it be "slow" stitching? if so you may want to link up with Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for some Slow Sunday Stitching.
after all of that i suppose that it seems a little odd to continue sharing with you my garden's gifts . . . even though some of my leaves are shifting into the colors of fall and beginning to look a bit lacy i do still have some late summer blooms for you to enjoy.

recent gifts include:
  • waking up to the years obligations just in the nick of time
  • actually having enough year left to get it all done
  • the smell of rain almost every day for the past week or so
  • thunder and lightening~!!~ (i LOVE it)
  • the brisk early morning air 


  1. Your daughter's stocking is so pretty! You are a perfect needlewoman!
    I am ready for some cooler temps this week! Yay!

  2. A beautiful stitchery project to work on today...enjoy!
    Thanks for linking up and showing us all the beauty around you today!

  3. What a surprise! I knew I would LOVE the stocking when you showed all of it. Yikes! Christmas!?! Yes, this year has flown by. Always enjoy photos of your garden's beauties!

  4. Oh, yum! I love seeing all the bits and pieces as a whole!

  5. Oh, I love thunder and lightening with a little wind! Mother Nature reminding us of her power.
    Nice your panic energy is now focused on a list, and a doable list at that.
    THRILLED to see the reveal, a work of art! It was so fun to see the snippets all year, thank you for sharing.

  6. I love your stocking. You've done some beautiful work on that. I picked through the TAST weeks and used some of the stitches on my CQJP and others I just ignored. What you've done on here seems perfect; in fact, I wondered what could be left! Your flowers are beautiful; thanks for sharing that garden bit. I stitch most days of the week, but not on Sundays. =)

  7. I am a sucker for flower photos and yours never disappoint!!! Just beautiful!!! I love burgundy hollyhocks! And rudbeckia, and...okay I love flowers!!!

    I too hit the 'panic button'! where has the time gone!!!! But, I, too evaluated and realized that I CAN getter done if I don't dilly dally and chase a rabbit or two!


  8. P.S. LOVE the Stocking!!!! So cute!!!!

  9. Beautiful stocking. When you were sharing your weekly stitches I always wanted to see the whole project.

  10. Beautiful photos! I can't believe it's nearing the middle of September already. Where did the summer go?

    I love the Christmas stocking. I really like doing Christmas crafts, but I usually start too late to get them done on time. I'm going to try a little harder this year. ;)

  11. Never odd for garden gifts! Your daughters stocking is incredible. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections. Lovely post.

  12. Lovely stitchery on the Christmas stocking. Truly a labour of love. Some very pretty flower pics too.

  13. I can't even bear to think about Christmas and our guild Christmas exchange. Too many things to do and not enough time.

    Your daughter's stocking is so pretty; it looks like you are on the home stretch with it.

    And wow, your flower photos are gorgeous!

  14. I Love everything about the stocking!! I always like seeing what's growing in your garden too.

  15. Adorable stocking...plenty of time to finish by Christmas! I do so love stockings!

  16. Your flower photography is so stunning - as usual
    Love your daughters stocking! It looks beautiful, what an heirloom

  17. Stocking's looking good! Don't know what else you're planning to do to it, but might want to consider green additions since it appears to be mainly red and white at least from a distance.


  18. that stocking is beautiful - great hand work!

  19. I love these flower photos, especially the first one. Really enjoying your photography as I look back through some of your older posts!


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