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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ april 24

When you drink the water, remember the spring.
Chinese Proverb

this week's report:

  • tuesday, april 17th: postcard work
  • wednesday, april 18th: postcard work (TAST: french knot) ~ sewed path pieces onto a hexie flower
  • thursday, april 19th: postcard work (TAST: french knot) ~ basted hexie paths
  • friday, april 20th: cut out quilt blocks ~ sewed path pieces onto a hexie flower
  • saturday, april 21st: sewed quilt blocks ~ neatened up studio 
  • sunday, april 22nd: basted hexie paths
  • monday, april 23rd: basted hexie paths

  • i used that sweet bunny fabric to create another postcard.

    if you're interested in making it a priority to find time for yourself and what you love to do you may find the 15 minute challenge group over at Kate at Life in Pieces to be just the catalyst you need.

    recent gifts include:
    • sunshiny days
    • evening birdsong
    • flowers~!!!~ 


    1. The photograph is amazing!! I don't know how you do it, but I sure enjoy seeing them.

      The postcard is so lively and springy:)

    2. Wow! Just stunning.
      Love the bunny post card - so sweet.
      What a great spring post ;-)

    3. I love the photo, and I always enjoy seeing your creations. I do believe I need to set up some sort of 15 minute challenge for myself! so much *can* be accomplished in just a little bit of time if we just do it :) Thanks for sharing the beauty, as always! -Tammy

    4. the post card is stunning! I love all the details, but the bee is my favorite.
      The photo is amazing too, how did you do that?

    5. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! On my morning walks I've been trying to listen more to the birdsong than to the silly things I tend to think about. It's so uplifting!

    6. Wow, what luck to capture the fly!
      Another great postcard!

    7. Love the photograph! Absolutely gorgeous! The post card is darling too, I really like that bee. Great week on finding time to sew, 7 out of 7 is certainly a great habit to maintain.

    8. Great week - 7 of 7. And that picture is amazing. What kind of camera do you use??

    9. Love the postcards, very good effort 7 out of 7.

    10. Hi Libby Q!
      I am so thankful for the flowers, too!
      Your bunny postcard is adorable!

    11. Oh that bunny postcard is fantastic! I need you to come over and give me photography lessons....great photos!

    12. GREAT photo- LOVE your Macro shots.. I've got to start using my macro lens more.. Love you postcard too- both the bunny AND the bumbley bee...

    13. I really do love that postcard . I may just have to start making a few for myself !

      7 days out of 7 is a sewing and creative blitz. Go you!


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