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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ april 10

 my crocus continue to bloom and apparently they're thirsty~!

this week's report:

  • tuesday, april 3rd:  hexie basting (paths)
  • wednesday, april 4th: (TAST) satin stitch onto wonderful husbands stocking
  • thursday, april 5th: (TAST) satin stitch onto wonderful husbands stocking
  • friday, april 6th: hexie basting (paths)
  • saturday, april 7th: hexie basting (paths)
  • sunday, april 8th: hexie basting (paths) ~ working on a postcard
  • monday, april 9th: working on a postcard

    this week seems pretty boring after last week's finish but i did manage to sneak in my time every day with the 15 minute challenge group over at 
    Kate at Life in Pieces.

  • i am working on a postcard for someones birthday which has been fun. that bunny fabric is going to yield quite a few cute cards i think.
    recent gifts include:
    • an easter weekend barbecue 
    • the weather being actually spring like and allowing a good bit of enjoyable time outside
    • time to enjoy the pond and watch my beautiful goldfish and think about not much of anything except the wonders of the pond.  


    1. Sounds like a blissful Easter weekend! The tease has me wanting to see more of the card! You are doing a great job of capturing water droplets.

    2. Glad that you're enjoying some spring-like weather Libby. x

    3. Who says we can't enjoy quiet weeks. Sometimes that is what we need.
      Love the bunny fabric.

    4. pretty photo - the water looks like jewels.
      Good project progress too!

    5. Oh, I just love water droplets. This is a beauty!
      Sweet post card - someone will be very lucky.
      Happy Spring.

    6. Love the crocus picture! And the bunny fabric, I so love that. Definitel makes for some cute cards.

    7. Love the photo! Beautiful card too. The heart lace is gorgeous. Hope you can show the final card at some point.

      Great week, you found lots of opportunities to stitch.

    8. Sounds like you, too, are making progress on your hexie project.
      Adorable postcard - perfect for spring! Glad you are enjoying some nice weather.

    9. I should try this challenge. 15 minutes, it must be found


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