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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ april 17

an overcast day and a few sprinkles
the columbine is coming up~!

this week's report:

  • tuesday, april 10th: hexie basting (paths)
  • wednesday, april 11th: hexie basting (paths)
  • thursday, april 12th: working on a postcard
  • friday, april 13th: TAST (stem stitch) onto my own christmas stocking
  • saturday, april 14th: TAST (stem stitch) onto my own christmas stocking
  • sunday, april 15th: working on a postcard
  • monday, april 16th: starting another postcard

    i managed to finish the post card that i started last week and have started working on another one.

    the front of the card

    the back of the card prior to addressing, postage and a birthday wish.
    and today it's in the mail and on it's way to encourage some happy birthday wishes.

    the 15 minute challenge group over at Kate at Life in Pieces  has been just the jump start that i've been needing for a long time. it's created both an atmosphere of accountability and encouragement for me. most of the time i find it very easy to find the 15 minutes and frequently i start with the intention of just 'getting it done' and end up enjoying myself for quite a bit longer. once in a while i get to the end of the day and realize that i've not accomplished it but since it's only 15 minutes i can pick up one of my projects and put my time in and get off to bed feeling quite happy to have met the challenge once again . . . because what i do 'for myself' matters too. i'm good at keeping promises i make to others but this has helped me keep those made to myself.
    it's been a very good thing~!

    recent gifts include:
    • folding the fresh warm laundry, especially the towels . . . i love a fresh towel~! 
    • sending arty birthday wishes 
    • beautiful postage stamps  


    1. You've been busy and things are looking good! Love that postcard!

    2. I love the idea of ATC's but can't even find time to so something as small as that! yours is lovely.

    3. Sounds like you have a great time with the small pleasures in life.Way to go!I love the compliment you sent Me,so sweet of you.You have great talent with the needle,love your work.

    4. beautiful post card! I love the stitching -

    5. Gorgeous postcard! I like the little butterfly.

      You were busy this week, great progress. That's what I like about the 15 minute challenge, it's short enough time that you can fit it in just before bed if you need too. Thanks for linking up this week.

    6. The postcard is a masterpiece!

    7. My columbine is still hidin' out underground.
      Love what you did with the bunny fabrci. I'm sure your card will be loved!!

    8. Oh be still my heart...look at that flower petal! Beautiful, beyond words.
      You post card is coming along - it's nice too ;-)

    9. Nice photo Libby. Nice postcard too. Weather has turned back to winter here, it's so cold. Not the sort of cold you're used to, but the wind is coming from the North. x

    10. Another FAB photo and just LOVE that precious postcard! How can you go wrong with a bunny, a butterfly and a LOVE stamp! As always, great stitching!

    11. Love the dew kissed photo! Postcard is great too!


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