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Sunday, April 15, 2012

TAST week 15 ~ stem stitch

dreaming in green.  i've played around with this one in photoshop elements, adding some layers and making some adjustments.

week 15's stitch with TAST was the stem stitch.
this is a stitch that i know well and have practiced a lot over time. for some reason i had a very hard time getting started with it. i had a few ideas but nothing was grabbing me until i decided on this . . .

it's not necessarily very creative but i think it works.

i discovered a lot more creativity than i showed as well as some spring garden stitchiness within the comments section of the week 15 post on Pin Tangle.
there is a wonderful spring nest, a simple but whimsical and fun garden, and a willow tree~! if you have a spare minute and an interest in embroidery you will enjoy seeing all of these as well as the other fabulous handwork shared.

recent gifts include:
  • a surprise weekend visit from the wonderful daughter. it's nice that she now lives close enough to do this. 
  • a good report from the orthopedist
  • a few minutes to play in photoshop elements. i've missed it~!


  1. Your stitching is neater than my handwriting! It's perfect and I would say creative, too!

  2. Hi Libby Q!
    I'm so glad you are doing well, recovering like a trooper!
    (Big HUG!)

  3. The stem stitch is a classic. I like the rope like effect it gives. Some nice stitching going on here.

  4. Wow that photo is gorgeous. A lovely close up to wake to. I really think your stitching is fantastic - personally I do! Have a great day and thank you for a lovely post. I'm glad your daughter is close enough to visit. Happy heart.

  5. It's lovely! And I think it is creative too!!
    Happy to hear you got good news from the orthopedic

  6. I love the mirror image in your water or dew drop! lovely.
    wow, your letter turned out perfectly!


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