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Sunday, April 1, 2012

another celebration give-away~!

Some wish blessings, others pray for them. Some send blessings and they become one.
Joyce C. Lock

thank you readers, for sending me your sweet blessings.

i had such a great response from the last note card giveaway that i have made the decision to have another.
i've been very encouraged by all of you wonderful readers out there and appreciate it. thank you for every single generous response. once again i was able to meet my own personal goals within a challenge framework so if you are interested in winning three of my photo note cards (of my choice) as well as a few extra surprise goodies i would like you to leave a comment on this post telling me what you think my theme for march was. once again, you don't have to get it right, you just have to guess within your comment. if you happen to have an idea for a future theme, feel free to share that as well. 
on april 9th i will draw one of your names and announce a winner.

the cards were made by a company called snapfish. i'm not being paid by them but i do think they deserve to be mentioned.

so leave a comment and invite other bloggers to play along if you think they might be interested.

recent gifts include:
  • the kindness of good neighbors
  • a mucked out linen closet
  • pancakes for breakfast with my family


  1. Growth?
    how about choosing a colour like green or blue for your next one
    or a shape such as square or circle?

  2. Play of light?
    Thanks for giving us the blessing of your talent and creativity - such thoughtful and well done posts - so frequent, too!

  3. very close to plants ?
    for another theme, perharps "tiny critters" (I am not sure for the word)

  4. Hi sweet Libby Q!
    Oh, there is NOTHING like a mucked out linen closet, is there? Your cards are always lovely! Your photos are treasures!

  5. I'm a terrible guesser! I thought yellow but looked back through and found some that didn't have that color.....
    You are so talented. I love seeing your photos!!

  6. Flowers! Buds and dewdrops. Would love some of your cards!

  7. Sorry, I'm not sure what the theme was, but I loved all your photographs!

  8. OOh exciting - a chance to win your beautiful note cards!! thanks.
    I love your "gifts" list :)

  9. Your theme... hmmm.. green? growth? macro? all of the above? Not sure but they're all beautiful!! Count me in!!

  10. Theme for March, ooh, what about 'Petals'? x


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