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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

15 minute challenge ~ feb. 28

i have been showing photos of my rex type begonia but today's shot is of my tuberous begonia. i put this plant  outdoors in the summer time and indoors in the winter. it doesn't do a lot of anything until about this time of the year when it begins to come out of it's 'slump' and new growth emerges as well as sometimes flowering on older growth. this one is the more common type used as summer bedding plants. there are many different varieties and many different flower types and colors.
i didn't cut this plant back as far as i usually do this year and so on the branches that i left it has begun to throw some buds. i should actually cut them off and trim the plant back so that it will have a more compact and healthy look to it later in the year. it hurts a little to do this so i took a few pictures first.
however, today's shot is less about the flowers and more about the leaves. i was enjoying the way that the light was highlighting the leaf details as well as the curl of the larger leaf up in the right corner.

my weekly report card for the 15 minute challenge:

  • tuesday, feb. 21st: hexie sewing
  • wednesday, feb. 22nd: hexie sewing
  • thursday, feb. 23rd: sampler practice with TAST (chain stitch) ~ chain stitched onto all three stockings ~ 2 fabric covered buttons using the chain stitch
  • friday, feb. 24th: pineapple project (made 2 blocks)
  • saturday, feb. 25th: basted 32 background hexies (road trip goodness~!!~)
  • sunday, feb. 26th: hexie sewing
  • monday, feb. 27th: pineapple project (cutting strips) ~ hexie sewing

  • if you would like to see what others are doing with their 15 minutes or you're interested in joining in, you should visit Kate at Life in Pieces. she has been doing some fun give-aways during the month of february for those participating in the 15 minute challenge.
    i have found it to be an excellent way to continue making my own sewing/creative time a priority.

    what do you think? does the shirting background work?
     i managed to get background hexies sewn all the way around one flower and almost around another. i've laid these particular units out with a plan to sew them together as you see here. 
    i could still turn back but i'm liking it.
    i have a question in regards to the paper for all of those who have done this before me: at what stage does one begin to pull it out? i'm thinking i could pull out the paper behind the center pink flower (the yellow and the pink round) now but i'm not sure.

    recent gifts include:
    • one whole day completely to myself
    • other bloggers ~ you inspire me
    • the realization that i have so many caring people in my life



    1. I think the shirting helps set each hexie apart. I will remember this when I start to set my large, modern hexies.
      BTW, simply adore the macro pic of the hibiscus!

    2. I, too, have a hard time cutting back plants.
      I think the shirting fabric looks wonderful with those hexie flowers. As far as I know, you can take the paper out once the piece has been totally surrounded by other pieces. So yes, take it off of the pink flower. Here's my question - How are the parts then put together? Aren't they going to come together at different angles? Do you end up bending the paper in order to get the pieces stitched together. I've seen many tutorials on how to make the hexie flowers and diamonds and I get the part that you are doing now, but what then? Hope I don't sound like a total idiot!
      Ah, a day to myself - hasn't happened in a long while.

    3. Lovely Macro!! If I look close I can see spring on the way...thank goodness. Well, after yesterday the snow covered up spring, but I know it's coming.

      I love the shirtings between the hex flowers. It's coming right along. Sweet!

    4. Your hexies are coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

    5. Oh my, you did very well last week. Beautiful Pineapple blocks and I'm impressed with your Hexi blocks. I keep thinking that is something I want to try one day.

    6. Wow, 7 out of 7 days! You had an excellent week. I like the hexies, the shirting is working well. My references say that you can pull the paper out once the pieces are sewn to other pieces on all sides. I've not tried that yet, so I don't know how well that works.

      Thanks for linking up this week. Hope next week is as productive.

    7. Great week! Looking forward to seeing the finished stockings.

    8. Your close up is amazing! it almost looks scarey, like a cactus, very cool.
      I love your pineapple blocks, scrap happy.
      The hexies look great on the shirting, who knew?
      well, you I guess :)

    9. Oh my goodness... I pop on over here to comment and Im assaulted by eye candy and amazing efforts with the 15 minute challenge. Way to go !

      I LOVE those pineapple blocks. They are the bomb! And your hexies are adorable.

    10. My hexies will feature next week. Can't say I've done much sewing today though have only been fabric shopping. Good effort

    11. Your hex flowers are really beautiful, what a fun challenges.


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