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Friday, February 10, 2012

TAST week 6 ~ the chevron stitch

a little more romance . . .

and week 6 of Sharon B's TAST ~ chevron stitch
the first row on the sampler above has the chevron stitch worked in a purple single strand cotton thread. simple. no frills.
i liked the idea of the chevron stitch providing a sort of 'platform' on the top for secondary stitches, beads, charms, etc. as well as a place from which to possibly dangle the same from the bottom of the stitch so i played around with that a little bit. first i worked the chevron stitch (quite a bit smaller than the first example) in two strands of a medium green cotton floss. i then used a single strand of heavier cotton  red thread to place a single lazy daisy detached chain stitch with every other one having a slightly longer catch stitch. under each of these i simply centered a small running stitch.
i then went on to play a bit with the top of this same bit of chevron by adding a colonial knot in a single gold colored medium weight thread on that top 'platform' bit. then i used a very tiny single strand orange thread to stitch a fly stitch 'under/around' that colonial knot.
i barely scratched the surface of what could be done with this stitch. i wish i had more time to explore all of the possibilities that it presents.

however, while looking around at what other stitchers were doing i found this beautiful idea and these incredible interpretations.

i have decided to bring all three stockings into the action rather than just working on one at a time. this will allow me many more choices of where i can put whatever happens to be the current TAST challenge stitch. previously i've only worked on wonderful daughter's stocking but the chevron stitch has me pulling out wonderful husband's and using the same single strand purple cotton thread that  i used in the very first sampler row above. however this time i added a silver filament to it. i also decided to use the upper and lower bar part of the chevron as a spot to add some detached buttonhole stitches, same thread sans filament.

recent gifts include:
  • the thoughtfulness of friends/neighbors who will willingly/happily do mechanical work for you simply because they can hear that there is a problem and they know how to fix it.
  • a daughter who graciously helped me figure out the geometry of a quilting issue.
  • the ability to accept help (with a smile and a thank you) when it is offered.


  1. Your stitch looks great. I tried that stitch while working on my wool crazy but never mastered it well.
    That stocking looks like an antique quilt! YOu are such a tease!!

  2. The orchid is beautful - how wonderful you can capture them.
    Your stitching is lovely. I think it is a great idea to work on all the stockings at once. Looking forward to watching them progress.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Fabulous picture of the orchid and your stitches are looking great.

  4. I was just looking at the covered buttons you shared in an earlier post - do you do all the stitching on them BEFORE you cut the fabric and cover the button? Or do you stitch AFTER the button is made? They sure are wonderful!

  5. Beautiful stitches and beautiful orchid!

  6. lovely sampler of this stitch.

  7. I have that same orchid! I bought it at the grand opening of "Trader Joes" back in October of last year. It was blooming when I bought and is blooming still! Now that is what I call a good value for a flower. What other flower holds its'blooms that long?


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