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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

report card tuesday ~ feb. 7th

it's february~!

how's this for a little romance~!? one of my begonias has these clumps of tiny little flowers (about the size of a pencil eraser) on looong stems at this time every year. which leaves me with actual floral valentine confetti for the whole month of february. how cool is that~!

it is time to show what i worked on for at least 15 minutes every day last week.
  • tuesday, jan. 31st: finished a quilt binding ~ one fabric button
  • wednesday, feb. 1st: quilting on pink lemonade quilt ~ hexie brainstorming
  • thursday, feb. 2nd: quilting on pink lemonade quilt ~ practiced the herringbone stitch ~ herringbone stitched onto christmas stocking
  • friday, feb. 3rd: practiced/experimented with herringbone stitch on fabric covered button
  • saturday, feb. 4th: NADA
  • sunday, feb. 5th: quilting on pink lemonade quilt
  • monday, feb. 6th: quilting on pink lemonade quilt

if you would like to see what others are doing with their 15 minute challenge or you're interested in joining in you should visit Kate at Life in Pieces.
all of that quilting on my pink lemonade quilt-a-long quilt and i'm still not even finished with the straight line quilting that is going over the pieced blocks. i also will quilt something special into the (yellow) alternate blocks but i'm still figuring that out.
btw: i know that the double pink used in my pieced blocks is looking a bit purple/lavendar . . . i'm not exactly sure why i have (so far) been unsuccesful photographing it but i'll keep trying.
this is the fabric that i chose for the backing of the pink lemonade quilt. i adore this fabric and so wish that i had bought more of it~!! what's not to love. big fat bumblebees, sweet soft looking bunnies, lace, postal bits, hand written letter bits, alphabets, and more. i should have bought a whole bolt~!~instead i bought one yard. what was i thinking~!
i'm quilting the pink lemonade with a size 12 perle cotton and an embroidery needle. i'm also using a slightly larger stitch . . . making it not too fussy but still looking good.

and here are a few more of those fabric covered buttons that i just cannot seem to stop making.

recent gifts include:
  • having several of my houseplants flowering which makes it slightly easier to wait for spring to get here
  • having just enough time in my life to get a few more photos taken
  • the availability of clean drinking water. right out of the tap. whenever i feel thirsty.


  1. Hi Libby Q! I love those bunnies!
    Fabric buttons are fun, aren't they?
    You are a wonder worker, friend.
    More snow today. Hmmmm.
    LOVE love love!

  2. I can't believe that begonia! Doesn't it know we are still in winter?! VBG

    It sure sounds like you've had a variety of projects to keep you from getting bored. I am loving the buttons!!

  3. Your quilting stitches are lovely. I haven't even started the quilting on mine yet, but am really striving to get caught up on things in the sewing room!

  4. I love your photo of the flowers. It is beautiful. I haven't started quilting my Pink Lemonade. Can't wait to see your finished quilt. Hugs

  5. What a pretty post.
    I adore begonias - very pretty when the flowers are at the paper stage.
    Thank you for reminding me to try some pearl cotton in quilting!
    Your buttons are amazing!!!
    Your pink lemonade is lovely - I too love the backing (we used to have a pet bunny that was litter trained in her crate)
    I'll raise my glass to clean water - so may things we have and take for granted.

  6. what beautiful early blossoms on the begonia! I love that soft color.
    Your quilting looks lovely, but I bet it's slow going through all the seams, but well worth it.
    I LOVE that backing fabric too, I love collage fabric and this one is terrific.
    great buttons! how many have you made so far and what do you plan to do with them?

  7. Love this post - a feast for the eyes!
    Yes, what were you thinking - that fabric is adorable.
    You say it isn't the correct color of pink, but I like it.
    Dare I say it - cute as a button!

  8. Just lovely! Your photography is so beautiful!!! And congrats on the 15 minute list...I have kind of curtailed that challenge for awhile, although I did get some creativity done this week...keeps one sane doesn't it? Or is sanity relative???

  9. The begonia is beautiful Libby - stunning photo. You have been busy, love the covered buttons. Lesley x

  10. Stitching on 6 out of 7 days is an excellant week!

    I hate the "Why didn't I buy more?" question. No matter what guidelines you try to apply they seem to be wrong by the time you find a use for the fabric.

  11. The fabric with the bunnies is lovely. I really like that style of fabric. Is it a Lecien fabric? Jacky

  12. Great buttons and oh, that pink thread.....yummy!


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