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Sunday, February 26, 2012

selected sketches for february

   color me happy

since most of the rest of this post is in black and white i decided to get very colorful with the photography today. this is a macro shot of one of the blossoms from my hibiscus plant. this plant has bloomed frequently throughout the winter making my dining room a tropical paradise (as long as one doesn't look out the window).

i've chosen a few sketches from my own sketchbook for this post. these were all done during the month of february with the theme of "close-up" in mind from The Sketchbook Challenge
"Getting close-up is about taking a new perspective, finding a different view and appreciating the little things."

it turns out that i am very attracted to the said which is why i'm enjoying adding quotes to my sketches.

i have recently received this gorgeous leather book cover from an extremely good friend. her and i have been friends for a long time and she knows me well. within the cover was a sketchbook. once i fill up this sketchbook i can insert another one. i'll have a beautiful daily reminder of my friend as well as being able to continually enjoy this cover.

i love this gift on so many levels but even more than that i am so grateful for the love and kindness that this friendship brings me.

recent gifts include:
  • a mother/daughter lunch out at a favorite restaurant
  • a beekeeping class (one step closer to being able to claim the title of 'beekeeper')
  • bananas. i love bananas.


  1. You're an artist too?! Gosh, you are so multi-talented, love those sketches!

  2. Love your sketchbook cover...and what great sketches to adorn the pages...I too am attracted to the "said"...love quotes and words!

  3. My SIL keeps bees, we enjoy fabulous honey.
    That macro shot is beyond words - mine anyway ;-)
    Fabulous journal - and I love your sketches!
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love your sketches, the leaf is just beautiful...I have a thing for leaves!
    that sketchbook is beautiful, what a nice, thoughtful gift!

  5. Beautiful and a wonderful gifts!
    I love the saying that joy is not dependent on circumstances- so true!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your sketches, they are great. I too love quotes, and these are wonderful!
    pretty pretty covers.

  7. What a wonderful post.I really enjoyed it.Your photo is so professional-gorgeous!You have tons of talent in drawing and of course sewing.Love the quotes wrapped around the sketches-Hugs Denise

  8. I am glad you are having the giveaway as it made me take a look at your older posts. This post is full of stunning photographs and drawings. The first photo reminds me of something Sue Spargo would use for inspiration! Nice Post!


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