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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday

it's Texture Tuesday again over at Kim's Cafe. the challenge this week was "pink".
i had fun with two different images but failed to write down which textures i used and now i've forgotten.
so . . . my challenge to all those who participate in this weekly event is to give me your guesses within your comment. i do remember that i only used one on Linen Love but there were several used on HollyHock Daze. Have Fun.

 Linen Love

HollyHock Daze

Today's gifts have included:
  • deep satisfaction with the weekend garden projects
  • cool morning air as i admire the blue summer sky (and the weekend's garden projects)
  • ibuprofin as i recover (from the weekend's garden projects (!)


  1. lovely! I love pink and hollyhocks - sorry I'm not photo techy!

  2. Love the pink!!! Just great.... :)

  3. Pretty images, I can never remember what textures I've used so I usually have to save a copy of the photoshop version as well as a jpg just so I can go back and look.

  4. Lovely images for the pink theme!! I'm just the same ~ I have to write it down!

  5. Ha ha ha! I agree with you that sometimes we need a little pain relief after our garden fairy activities!

  6. I couldn't guess what you used but it turned out beautifully. Love the pink theme this week. Everything is so pretty.

  7. Ibuprofen?! I chuckled when I read that. Hope the 'muscles' are not too sore.

  8. Oh this photo makes me think of my great gram! Thank you!


  9. I must say that I too often loose track of the textures that I use. It is easy to get too wrapped up in what you are creating and loose sight of which was what. It came out nice in the end though. That's all that counts!

  10. Beautiful photographs - so feminine and sweet - love hollyhocks and embroidered linen. Is the stitching yours?


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