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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i've been steadily working on some AAQI quilts and now have two ready to label and one more ready to quilt. next step is looking into the shipping process/instructions and getting them mailed out.

for these star quilts i went through my orphan blocks and came up with three that i thought would possibly work. after measuring them it was just a matter of applying simple outer borders to bring them up to the 9 x 12 inch size (the maximum that they will accept) that i wanted. i think they turned out okay and was happy to be working towards the goal of furthering the research into Alzheimer's Disease.

the newest project in the works is also related to the AAQI project.
i did receive a couple of comments that suggested i try using my zentangle pears as a jumping off point for one and then some serious brainstorming began. 

i decided that i would try appliqueing a pear and stitch/quilt/embroider (?) some 'zentangled' type of designs within it. but what to applique it onto . . . ? . . .

as i thought about it i remembered having seen (in various places) some cloth work that was hand stitched and free-form and sort of had that 'doodled' look . . . as if created spontaneously right off of the top of one's head. this lead me to some googling and after lots of research i've finally found a resource that i'm thrilled with. Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth has a blog that sums things up rather nicely for me. if you are interested in this type of work i highly recommend a visit.

after all of this reading/research i still didn't have any real instructions per se. maybe this work somehow defies instruction . . .  after all it's a whole lot about intuitively 'listening' to the materials at hand and the project being created as it comes along.
so i decided to just jump in and see if i could create a background from some skinny/selvedge edge strips that i had originally set aside for rug making. i deliberately chose pale and mostly neutral colors. i ironed them and trimmed them to approximate lengths of 12 - 13 inches and then began weaving them together securing them with a running stitch as i went. no seam allowances as they are stitched rough edge to rough edge with some having fringey edges (which i love). i carefully trimmed off any fringe/threads that i felt were too long as i stitched them together. this piece has no backing (yet). it was a little slow at first but as the piece grew it became more and more it's own self/cloth and not so much small strips that needed taming.

i've used quilting threads that were still on the needle to sew the strips together. it seems that there is always some left in my needles after completing a piece and i generally leave it on the needle and then tuck it into the spooled thread for future use in that color. well, i've gone through my quilting threads and am using up those various threads. quite randomly, just using what is closest at hand as i go. in future i anticipate using various threads from my embroidery tin . . . etc. there are lots of possibilities here.

so this is what it's looking like so far. i'm only putting in enough stitches to hold everything together nicely but i will be going back over this and adding more. when i feel happy with the way it looks and behaves i will begin the process of appliqueing the pear onto it.

in the above photo you can see one of the edges and how that looks as it's 'growing'.

and here a very close macro of the stitches and the 'woven' unions.

this is a wonderfully soothing way to work with fabric. it actually moves along more quickly than i anticipated it would but certainly is not as fast as sewing by machine. the cloth being created has a beautiful soft hand/feel to it due to being hand sewn and working in this way feels meditative and calming. i don't want to put it down once i've begun and i very much look forward to picking it back up again: a lot like when i hand quilt, embroider, crochet, hook a rug, etc.

so this is my newest stitching adventure. it will be fun to see where it takes me.

this is my 'poster' picture of a dog that strayed into the yard right after the fourth of July and was in need of some TLC. fresh water and food have been provided as well as some comfort in the shade should she choose to stay (and she has).  she was in pretty rough shape and seemed to need lots of rest as well as wounds that needed tending. at first she wouldn't even let me touch her and acted as though quite traumatized. she now won't let me out of her sight when i'm outside and lays by whichever outer door she thinks i'm closest to when i'm inside the house. i come home from going somewhere and she's there waiting on the steps for me. on the poster i've stated that she will be taken to the pound on the 20th if no claim has been made. we've had a couple of calls but none that panned out. the nearest pound is an hour away as we are so rural.  today i realized as i sat down to blog that it's the 20th and some decisions are going to have to be made . . .

today's gifts include:
  • the house to myself ~ so nice and quiet
  • time to blog
  • time to think
  • time to stitch
  • time
  • lovely. quiet. time.


    1. Beautiful stitching, libbyQ! Love the woven and hand stitched fabric. If I didn't already have too many hand projects going...
      Good luck with your decision on the dog.

    2. I love your AAQS quilts...and what a great idea to using up thread! Beautiful orphan on your doorstep!! I wish i was closer...I might take her off your hands...but..in thinking of that, maybe she was sent to you for a reason!!!!

    3. I have a feeling that you have a new to you dog, Libby Q.

    4. You've been busy I see! Good ideas with orphan blocks and for an excellent cause.

      The weaving of fabrics strips is so cool and hand work is always such a joy.

      Dogs are very faithful creatures, wonder how it came to you? I know it's a difficult decision to make.

    5. Fascinating background for what sounds like a real work of art! Can't wait to see it finished.

    6. Wow what beautiful stitching, a lot of work. I think it's great that you've been taking care of the dog, it's horrible to see a creature neglected in some way. Don't evny you the difficult decision.

    7. You know, some things are just meant to be. The more you fight it the worse you feel.

      I love your AAQI quilts and look forward to seeing more of your pear project.

    8. Love the pear project. As you explained it I could imagine the lovely drape of the fabric.. You nade amazing little quilts. Very creative. Looking forward to the auction.

    9. oh the pear project is so interesting. I love Jude's work, haven't tried that type of quilting yet but the texture she creates with just thread is amazing to me.
      your little quilts are adorable, great cause.
      thanks for sharing

    10. Your woven project looks so intriguing! I will follow this one with great interest. Dogs make such great companions, and what a sweet little face this one has. Good luck with your decision. Really love your AAQI quilts too!


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