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Saturday, July 23, 2011

some progress.
i noticed that i accidentally turned one of my fabrics to the 'wrong' side while working. also a couple of the strips are a woven check and these really don't have a right or wrong side.
which got me to thinking that i had choices as to which side to use as my 'right' side. one of them is simply more subtle than the other . . .  what are your thoughts here?

i chose to back stitch at the beginning and ending of thread lengths so there are no knots on either side.

i decided that i would work this piece to whatever size my skinny strips dictated and go from there. after cutting a thin batting to 9 X 12 inches and laying the sewn piece on top of the batting i could see that i wanted a bit more added to two of the sides. i trimmed those two sides so that all fabrics were creating a straight edge being careful not to cut into the seam areas.

i found a small piece of fabric that i could cut in half and use for both of those ends. i am going to sew them on by hand but have decided to do that with hidden seams so there will be no raw edge where they join the original piece. i think this will give it a more definite bordered look.

i've sifted through my hand dyed fabrics. the photographs of the piece that i chose are quite blurry but it doesn't matter because that's sort of how the fabric reads anyway.
can you see the pears hidden in the motley coloration?
i can.

today's gifts have included:
  • homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast
  • the discovery of a dyed fabric that will work well as an appliqued pear
  • the rhythm felt while enjoying 'process' 


  1. Oh, I love that rhythm, too. A pear? Nice! Pears are so beautiful, aren't they? I love the picture of your work on top. It's so soothing. Yes, turn the fabrics over for a muted look. It works!

  2. After seeing your chosen fabric for the pear, I like the wrong side. Looking forward to seeing your progress,

  3. I love the hand dted fabrcic for the pear. I look forward to seeing more of this quilt.

  4. Hi Libby...this is grace from over at Jude's
    Spirit Cloth...just read your comment there and have to leave house for a while but was all
    HAPPY that you showed up there, exactly as you did. more later today to your comment there.


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