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Monday, May 23, 2011

today has been a rainy day. i've enjoyed the soft silvery light and the way that the steady fall of moisture has deepened the greens in the grass almost as i watch. that almost sounds as if i've been just sitting around and watching the grass grow doesn't it!?!
in truth i suppose that i did do some of that today . . .

the tulips and other spring flowers have been graced with an array of moist silvery pearls.

inside the house i have my seed/sprouts. the night time temps are still a bit too iffy to risk planting them so i faithfully carry them outside during the day and bring them back in at night. they really can't be called sprouts anymore though. the above photo is a part of one of those pumpkins that i planted. sometimes i feel like Jack and his beanstalk when i look at them in the morning. they have large buds and blooms on them that i really should be trimming off but i can't always do it . . .

i know the photo here is not a good one but the yellow summer squash that i started have begun to bear fruit~!!~ the smallest one in the above shot is about the size of my thumb and some are bigger and some smaller but these plants are already prolific. we may be eating squash off of the plants before i can even put them in the outside garden if they continue as they are doing . . . now that i think about it we should be picking those off too and eating them as baby squash so that the plant can continue to work on roots and leaves.

we have managed to put the tomato plants in the ground with the cold frame erected around them. they should be okay unless we get a hard frost. i'm hoping to have a large yield this year so that we can preserve them for winter eating. i believe i have about eight plants in there so we should be kept quite busy when the time comes.

my hands/needle have been working on these small bird applique blocks. i'm not sure how many i will ultimately make but i thought they might eventually get combined with the vine i recently finished . . .

i think they're pretty cute.
they are part of a bigger pattern called "Homespun Nest"within the magazine shown below.
btw i did not completely follow their instructions so have a slightly different result than them. it seems i almost always have to change things at least a little bit and i won't sew them up as part of that particular quilt although i found it quite cute. i have another idea brewing around in my head . . .

i actually found a lot of cute ideas and patterns within the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine and am pleased to have a subscription for the next year's worth of issues.

todays gifts included:
  • the pleasure of hearing the rain and enjoying the soft cloud covered sunlight
  • the realization of just how many creative blogs/friends i have on the internet (due to my accidentally having deleted the WHOLE list in one fell swoop)
  • a settle on the sofa to watch the first hummingbirds find the feeder which led to a very nice nap
*****   *****   *****   *****   *****
so as i said i did have a bit of an accident with my sidebar list of blogs. i'll just have to add them back as i can. i hope everyone understands and if you were on there before and i've overlooked you feel free to let me know and i'll get you back up there.


  1. Hi Libby Q!
    Your birds are adorable! I love the colors!

  2. The birdies are gorgeous! What a fun project. Your garden pics look great.

  3. Just love your bird blocks and pictures! I love the bird quilt in that magazine too, and its definitely on my to do list.

  4. That tulip is gorgeous! Isn't it so refreshing to have things blooming? The rain, too, but I find more than one day without sunshine just a little depressing.
    Definitely think you should eat those baby squashes - maybe even the blooms, too. I've seen them sold in the farmers market, but haven't tried them.
    Cute applique blocks. I love the fabric you used for the ground. I've heard so many good things about that magazine.
    I think the world would be a better place if we all spent some time every day watching the grass grow!

  5. Oh how blessed you've been by the rain and watching the grass grow. You literally can watch it grow! I love fresh, home grown yummies!

    Your birds are absolutely adorable. ABSOLUTELY!!! So cuteamous. ;)

  6. Libby your bird applique blocks are so beautiful, love everything with birds.

  7. Hey, it seems I can finally post a comment!!
    I cannot belive how large your plants are getting. How fun to see them get bigger and bigger!
    What fun applique bird blocks. Happy, fun, relaxed look with a lot of appeal.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. wow the little birds are gorgeous i envy anyone who can quilt really i just have two left thumbs when it comes to sewing really. and the squash that's amazing how well they are doing in pot wonderful imagine when you plant them they'll zoom off


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