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Sunday, May 1, 2011

it has to be all about flowers today, doesn't it~!?!~

 i had a little bit of time to play in my photoshop program so made a quick Happy May Day piece. the blossoms are from a jasmine plant that i have. in the summer it gets wheeled outside but during the rest of the year it holds court in a sizable corner of my dining room and blesses me with sweet smelling blossoms every spring.

i'm not sure what this tiny purple flower is. it came up just after the crocus and the stems are no longer than three inches. the flowers themselves are about the size of my thumbnail and hang like bells off of the stems. maybe someone reading can identify them for me. they are quite tricky to photograph due to the downward direction that they face and their close proximity to the ground. i'm sure that my gymnastics once again impressed anyone who happened to notice me out with my camera . . . O-:

 this is sooc and is a macro of the lily that recently bore me two huge glorious blossoms this year.

 daffodils dancing in the sun today, skirts blowing in the wind.

this last bit is something i'm currently working on.  . .
this particular photo is a section from a vintage linen towel embroidered by someones long ago busy hands. i'll try to get more shots of the rest of it soon but to tell the truth i don't know where i'm going with this piece yet. it started out with me experimenting with the stitching of paper but of course a bit of cloth has worked it's way in as well.

today's gifts included:
  • sunshine warming the time spent out in the yard
  • the joy i feel while behind the lens of my camera
  • hands capable of doing the stitching that i so love to do
i hope every one's May Day was full of flowers and maybe even a little sunshine.


  1. I like being behind the lens of my camera, too! I'm such a novice though. Need to learn more. Your flowers are glorious, Libby Q! May Day was cold here, but flowery just the same. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Makes me want to get back to my camera for something other than pics of quilts or projects!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy belated MayDay!! Love the flower photos.
    I can't wait to see more of your new project. it looks so pretty.

  4. Very pretty - thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful flowers and your embroidered flowers are also beautiful, I love hand embroidery, have a nice week.

  6. Your flower photos are gorgeous! Looking forward to your project reveal...

  7. Loved this May Day post Libby and your unusual viewpoints of the flowers (esp the daffodil). I can almost smell the Jasmine fragrance! x

  8. You take the most amazing photos! You should publish a book of floral photos...I know it would be gladly shared by many!


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