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Friday, May 20, 2011

For You / Pour Vous

it's so good to be back. i've been experiencing a great deal of problems with my internet connection for the past several weeks and for the past week have had no internet at all so i'm feeling totally disconnected from all my blog friends. the connection is now working although with intermittent lapses . . . not sure what is going on or when it will be totally straightened out but thought i would jump on this evening real quick and show you what i've been up to. i hope to get back on tomorrow and catch up with you too.

For You
this is a textured image that i put together using a photo of mine:
 (that i pulled from my archives) and a texture (Pour Vous) given to me by kim klassen.
i'm very happy with it and if you have a second or two you can hop over to my flickr page and see the image on black by clicking on the little magnifying glass that says "view in lightbox".
it's  quite stunning if i don't say so myself~!~
i hope to be doing photoshop work on a regular basis so hopefully there will be more to see as time goes on . . .

today's gifts included:
  • the pleasure i feel while creating
  • walking in the sun with my grandog
  • enjoying a pasta dinner (lovingly prepared by my daughter) with my family


  1. Sweet gifts, again! Your creations are always so special, Libby Q.

  2. Wow! very cool. Will have to show this to my daughter. She is a graphic design student. Sorry about your internet problems. Hope it is fixed soon. Enjoy the weekend. Hope it is as beautiful there as it is here this morning.

  3. I like that a lot. Sorry about your internet. It does get annoying when its unreliable. I hope you get it fixed soon.

  4. Very cool technique with the photo.
    Glad you tech problems are solved.

  5. Wonderful digital work Libby, I also follow kim klassen it is great to learn about these things.


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