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i am a creative person. mother to a daughter who is an active young woman and a constant blessing in my life. i hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you will return often.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

still unruffling my feathers from a few days out of town . . . hope to be back to a "normal" pace soon.


  1. Hi Libby Q!
    Looking forward to normalcy for you! I'm almost out of school. It's a mad rush to the finish line. love love!

  2. It always takes me a good week or so to get my feathers back in "working order" after being out of town. I hope you enjoyed yourself, where ever you were.
    I have to tell you I am smitten with this orange flower photo. I love orange! These are the perfect shades of yellow orange, to me. The photo is so well taken. Really just amazing.

  3. The zentangle snippet looks great!


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