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Saturday, June 12, 2010

my Strawberry Fields Forever Quilt-A-Long doll quilt top is finished. i ended up finding a brown (earth) reproduction with pink dots (strawberries) for the zig zag setting but couldn't help myself and had to add the solid cheddar in the form of a skinny outer border . . . hmmmm, does cheddar go with strawberries?

think of it this way: it's a picnic by a strawberry field and the menu consists of a fabulous bread, CHEDDAR cheese and a beverage of your choice with freshly picked strawberries for dessert . . .

i hope the sun is shining on your picnic today~!~

this little top is just a bit wonky and i'm guessing that it's because i hand pieced the blocks by eye and then machine pieced the remainder. i actually like a bit of wonk in my doll quilts as it makes them seem a bit more "genuine" somehow . . .
now i need to start thinking about getting it quilted . . .

for a fun look at everyone's strawberry fields forever doll quilts go to: www.humblequilts.blogspot.com

~!!~THANK YOU Lori for sponsering this fun and challenging project~!!~
i'm proud to say that i accomplished trying two new things with this little sweetie. using half blocks and using a zig zag setting. loved doing both and will definately use these techniques again.


  1. Hello, hope you are having a lovely weekend :o)

    I would definitely say that Cheddar goes with strawberries as cranberries go with Wensleydale ... very yummy ... as are the colours :o)


  2. Love it! I voted for the cheddar! Good work, Libby Q!

  3. Love this quilt top. Nice and colorfull.

  4. What a wonderful array of fabrics you've used in this little gem. I like the fabric surprises that sometimes show up in antique quilts, like your cheddar border. Can't wait to see how you quilt this.

  5. I like the brown for the setting--brown goes with anything I think. I'm not seeing wonky but will take your word for it. Cheddar looks good too. Sounds like a lovely picnic :)

  6. Your little quilt is great! How nice that you tried 2 new techniques! I love the scrappy look. and your point looks great!

  7. I was in strawberry fields today, picking, and I didn't see a bit of cheddar! I did end up with nearly 10 pounds of berries, though. Strawberry shortcakes for dinner dessert - yum.

  8. p.s. I also meant to say the quilt looks great!

  9. the quilt looks GREAT! love that zig zag fabric looks great there!
    congrats on finishing it

  10. Fantastic!!! Part of the reason I chose this pattern so some people could try something new!! I'm so glad you joined in.

  11. I love how your little quilt turned out. The brown is gorgeous with the cheddar..and I love your scrappy blocks! :)

  12. Your brown zig zag is great! I really like your scrappy look!

  13. How inspired! I love the cheddar! gorgeous quilt...

  14. I can easily imagine this picnic and will gladly join in. :-) Your version of SF is just great. It was such a fun quilt to make.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. I stopped by to see your Strawberry Fields and it is very good. I am working on one now. A bit later than everyone else.


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