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Monday, May 24, 2010

my apologies for not posting or visiting much over the past couple of weeks. i'm having some unforeseen demands made on my time and energy and may be a little bit slower in response for the next month or so.

i have finally gotten all of my strawberry field blocks sewn together and am now trying to make a decision regarding which background fabric i should set them together with. the setting will be in a streak of lightening or zig zag form as i have laid out in the photos below.

the colors are all coming across fairly "true" and you should be able to click and enlarge if you would like.

this cheddar fabric was just a touch brighter than i wanted so i gave it a brief soak in some instant coffee. (not the best for drinking but a great "dye" for this overdye technique.) i think it took the edge off quite nicely and even if i don't use it for this little quilt i think it will be useful in some future reproduction style quilt project.

if you have a preference please feel free to share your thoughts as i'd love to get feedback on this before i start cutting and sewing my little top together.


  1. I love the brown polka dots(last 1).
    Fantastic work!!!

  2. I am really liking the browns. (I believe the top one is brown?) Of course, I like the cheddar. I think the blue does not offer enough contrast.
    My favorite is the last one.
    Great blocks!!

  3. Hi sweet friend! I hope you are okay!
    I like the cheddar!

  4. I like both brown options - cheddar is always good too. I'm using a slightly different background, but still in the strawberry family -
    your blocks look great!

  5. Hi libbyquilter, Love the setting choice. I would have to say that the warm brown on top showcases your blocks the best...I also liked the jazziness of the cheddar, but all cheddar maybe a little over powering...i wonder what it would look like if you incorporated a narrow strip of the cheddar on the outside edge of the warm brown zig-zag background fabric? hmmm...

  6. Oh Libby, those are really really pretty! Now I'm inspired. I think I like the last one the best for a background.

    Ohhh my yes. So pretty. Classy.

  7. You really are very clever Libby! I love what you're doing here and the background compliments the blocks so well. Can't wait to see it finished! Margaret

  8. I like the first brown one best!

  9. I prefer the first brown - and agree with the person who suggested you incorporate a bit of the cheddar somehow!

  10. It's amazing how different the blocks look on the different colors! Love the scrappy blocks and think each background has its own charm, but I like the blue for a more subtle and blendy look, and the last brown for the vintage feel. Great blocks!

  11. Photo 2 is my favorite, more subtil look.
    Can't wait to see your finished quilt.
    Hugs from France.


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