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Sunday, June 27, 2010

i have some moss rose flowering. there is a big variety of colors and they all look so happy. i've been picking them and putting them in this uber tiny vase and have been surprised to find that they will last a couple of days as a tiny cut statement of a flower.


the TAST (www.pintangle.com/) challenge this week was a Sword Stitch. i was completely uninspired by this one and kept putting it off and putting it off . . . finally i tried doing it on some tea stained 14 count aida cloth. i used a cotton thread and made very small stitches, placing the stitches as close to each other as i possibly could which resulted in an effect that i felt happier about. i could see this being used as the thorny stems of roses possibly. i have cropped the top photo a lot so that you can really see what is going on . . .

then i stitched a bit of it onto the postcard that i've been working on in basically the same way, although i have photographed the top one vertically and the lower one horizontally, and inserted a metal bead in the "top" spaces that were created. the stitch can't really be seen all that well as used with the beads but it does work i think.

now i must get myself out into the cool evening and do some potting of flowers.

i hope that your evening is full of cool breezes and fragrant flowers too.


  1. Oh, Libby Q! Such fascinating work! Pretty!
    Don't you love playing with the flowers? We've had rain again this evening and we needed it. I get a bit behind on the watering.
    I hope you are feeling well. I can see you are creating some pleasing pieces. Yahoo!

  2. Love the flowers!! The heat is coming on here..finally so I may see a few more blooms soon.
    The stitch looks like a double buttonhole. Kinda cool and very cool with the added beads.

  3. Enjoy I have! Your postcard with the really unique beads (that I must have omg!) is dreamy... Love this work. Beautiful post friend. Absolutely beautiful!!!


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